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British Army Uniforms - 20 September 2007

In the first set of a series of military uniforms, Royal Mail is issuing a set of 6 stamps showing British Army Uniforms.

The stamps, in se-tenant strips of 3, feature in reverse chronological order:
1st class a military police NCO from Kosovo, a tank commander from the Second World War, and an artillery observer from World War One;
78p a rifleman from the Peninsula War, a grenadier from the battle of Blenheim and a trooper from the Earl of Oxford's Horse from around the time of the restoration of King Charles II.

The set tracks the changes from the colourful uniforms of the 17th, 18th and 19th century to the present day disruptive pattern camouflage.

Set of 6 British stamps showing Army Uniforms, to be issued 20 September 2007.

cover and two panes from Army Uniforms prestige stamp book (PSB) to be issued 20 September 2007.

Other products

This issue will also include a presentation pack, stamp cards, and a prestige stamp book (PSB). We will produce a set of first day covers for the panes, and another for the set of 6.

Prestige Book

The prestige book panes are shown below.

British Army Uniforms prestige stamp book panes.
As shown here the panes are:
Pane 1: strip of 3 x 78p stamps as above, but in reverse order (ie now chronological left to right);
Pane 2: strip of 3 x 1st class stamps as above, but in reverse order (ie now chronological left to right);
Pane 3: block of 8 Machin definitive stamps and central label. The stamps are 1p / 46p / 54p, 46p / label / 46p, 54p / 46p / 1p.
Pane 4: block of 4 x 1st class country definitive stamps and 5 labels showing arm cap badges.

The Machin definitive pane is printed in gravure and the other three panes in litho, all by Enschede, so many new stamps!

Technical details:
The 27 x 37mm stamps are designed by Atelier Works and printed in lithography by Joh Enschede Stamps. The Prestige Book is also printed by Joh Enschede Stamps (see above for details).

All images except Norvic FDCs are copyright Royal Mail 2007

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We have produced exclusive FDCs for this issue for the set and in sets of 4 prestige book panes.

Norvic FDC for the set of 6 stamps illustrated with an Ensign of the Grenadier Guards, available with postmark L10391 (Guards Road Windsor) or M10701 (Falkland Way Birmingham) Price - 8.95 - Note: this is digital mock-up.
Norvic official limited edition first day cover for British Army Uniforms stamp set.

Prestige book on a set of 4 Norvic FDCs illustrated with a contemporary picture of George 2nd Duke of Cambridge, who commanded division in Crimea 1854.
The stamp panes are cancelled as follows:
Pane 1 - S10705 Belfast; Pane 2 - L10695 London SW1; Pane 3 - W10708 Cardiff; Pane 4 - S10706 Edinburgh
Price - 18.75 (Note the postmarks have been added digitally to scans of the actual panes.)
Norvic fdcs for Presitge stamp book pane 1. Norvic fdcs for Presitge stamp book pane 1.Norvic fdcs for Presitge stamp book pane 1. Norvic fdcs for Presitge stamp book pane 1.

Other products :
Set of 6 stamps mint
Presentation Pack
Prestige Book
Set of 6 stamp cards 

Special first day of issue postmarks.

Bureau First Day of Issue postmark for British Army Uniforms set 20 September 2007. Boot First Day of Issue postmark for British Army Uniforms set 20 September 2007. Boot non-illustrated First Day of Issue postmark for British Army Uniforms stamp set 20 September 2007. Postmark showing crossed rifles. Postmark showing military badge.
Ref FD731
Philatelic Bureau Official First Day postmark.
"I Seen 'im Serve the Queen in a Suit o' Rifle-Green..." [Rudyard Kipling]
Ref FD732
Official Boot, Holmrook First Day postmark.
Ref FD732N
Boot non-pictorial FD postmark
Ref L10690
The Chosen Men, Ilford, Essex
Ref L10391
Guards Road, Windsor, Berks
Postmark showing Lion. Postmark showing Seregant's stripes. Postmark showing Scottish Lion. Postmark showing British Army Badge. Postmark showing Military badge.
Ref L10695
London SW1.
Ref S10705
Ref S10706
Ref W10708
Ref M10701
Falkland Way, Birmingham
First Day of Issue Stampex postmark. Postmark showing Victoria Cross & laurel wreath. Postmark showing Victoria Cross & ribbon. Postmark showing Victoria Cross. Postmark showing Victoria Cross.
Ref L10693
First Day of Issue London N1 British Army Uniforms Autumn Stampex.
Ref L10696
The Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset
Ref N10703
Eden Camp, Malton Yorks
Ref L10692
Autumn Stampex
Ref F10711
357th Anniv. of Battle of Dunbar
Postmark showing military helmet and weapons. Postmark showing crossed swords. Postmark showing Victoria Cross & laurel wreath. postmark showing cartoon sergeant major. postmark showing portrait of General Anders, C-in-C 2nd Polish Corps.
Ref L10694
Whitehall London SW1
Ref L10697
Armoury Road, London SE8
Ref W10707
Frome & District Stamp Club 10th Anniversary, Frome Somerset
Ref L10717
British Army Uniforms, Salisbury
Ref L10716
115th Anniversary General Anders, C-in-C 2nd Polish Corps, London SW7

This page updated 17 September 2007

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