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Smilers Sheet: circular labels - 15 January 2008

Smilers sheets with circular labels will be available from 15 January, and a generic sheet will also be issued. This sheet will contain a mixture of 20 Union Flag, Love and Hello stamps. Half a sheet is shown below, click on the image to see a higher resolution version of the whole sheet, in a new window.

half of Royal Mail Smilers Sheet with round labels.

Some of the labels have been identified as follows, from top left:
#1 Gold Hill Shaftesbury,
#4 London Eye,
#6 Stonehenge,
#7 (Caravan) Isle of Harris, Hebrides,
#8 Punting - Cambridge,
#9 - Spitfire Mk IX, Imperial War Museum Duxford.

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Shown here are half-sheets of each of the sheets available for personalisation, plus the generic sheet for collectors

Smilers Sheets with circular labels.

Technical details.
The Smilers sheets should be printed in litho by Cartor Security Print;
All images are Copyright 2007/8 by Royal Mail.

Postmarks for use on the day of issue are shown below. These postmarks are intended for use with the Definitive LOVE booklet but can be used on these Smilers which are issued on the same day.

postmark illustrated with a rose. postmark illustrated with a couple and a heart. postmark illustrated with a gondola/punt. postmark illustrated with a girl and puppy.
Ref L10826
Lover, Salisbury
Ref S10830
Golders Green, Gretna
Ref L10827
River Cherwell, Oxford
Ref M10828
Love Lane, Birmingham
Other relevant postmarks:

postmark illustrated with bunch of flowers. postmark illustrated with a couple and a heart.
Ref L8501
Congratulations, Mount Pleasant
Ref L9759
Happy Birthday, Mount Pleasant

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We have produced limited edition first day covers as detailed below.

(a) with the set of 3 stamps and labels from the Smilers sheet, postmark L10827 - Price 5.00
Norvic Philatelics first day cover for  
Smilers Greetings stamps issued 15 January 2008.

(b) set of 2 FDCs each carrying 5 stamps and labels from the Smilers sheet, postmark L10826 - Price 10.50
Norvic Philatelics first day cover for  
Smilers Greetings stamps issued 15 January 2008.

Also available:
Set of 3 single stamps from the sheet with labels

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