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Agerbeiriannau Clasurol Cymru - Classic Locomotives of Wales - 20 February 2014

The earliest railways in Wales were built for commercial and industrial purposes and served collieries and smelting works. Classic Locomotives of Wales features steam locomotives used not just on the public railway network but also in many industrial settings, the main one being the transportation of coal from the steep narrow valleys to ports such as Cardiff and Barry.

Classic Locomotives of Wales is the last in a series of four Miniature Sheets that began in England in 2011, continuing in Scotland in 2012 and Northern Ireland in 2013.

   Welsh locomotives miniature sheet.
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1st Class – LMS No. 7720 leaves the Britannia Bridge with a Bangor-to-Holyhead local train c.1930.
78p - Hunslet No. 589 Blanche rounds the curve off ‘The Cob’, passing Pen Cob Halt on the Ffestiniog Railway, 1964.
88p - W&LLR No. 822 The Earl waits on Union Street, Welshpool, while a car is moved from the line.
£1.28 - BR No. 5652 heads a coal train at Cwmbargoed, Merthyr Tydfil, 1959.

  Classic Locos psb pane 1. Classic Locos psb pane 2.

Classic Locos psb pane 3. Classic Locos psb pane 4.

Classic Locos psb pane 5. Classic Locos Prestige Book Cover.
Prestige Stamp Book.

Pane 1 - 2p & 5p Machin definitives with security codes MPIL M13L ; England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland 1st class country definitives, total face value £2.54.

Pane 2 -  England: 2 x 1st class, 2 x 60p  Locomotives of England (£2.40)

Pane 3 - Scotland: 2 x 1st class, 2 x 68p  Locomotives of Scotland (£2.56)

Pane 4 - Northern Ireland: 2 x 1st class, 2 x 78p  Locomotives of Northern Ireland (£2.76)

Pane 5 - Wales: 2 x 1st class, 2 x 78p  Locomotives of Wales (£2.76)

Image 6 - front cover of book. 

Selling price £13.97

The book is printed by Enschede so we can expect new entries in Stanley Gibbons GB Concise catalogue for the 8 Locomotives stamps, and the five panes. 

The Machin definitives and country definitives will also be considered new stamps by specialist collectors.

2p MPIL M13L Machin stamp from PSB.

The iridescent ink containing the source and year codes does not print well in lithography being better suited to gravure or flexography.  The codes are particularly difficult to see on these stamps.

Technical details:
The 41 x 30 mm square stamps were designed by Delaney Design Consultants, perf 14½ x 14, printed by International Security Printers in Lithography.   The Miniature Sheet is 177 x 47 mm.  
We have been told that the Prestige Stamp Book will be printed by Joh Enschede en Zonen in lithography.

All stamp images Royal Mail ©2014 reproduced with permission.

Acknowledgements: LMS No. 7720 – FR Hebron © Rail Archive Stephenson; Hunslet No. 589 Blanche © Geoff Plumb; W&LLR No. 822 The Earl – PM Alexander © Michael Whitehouse; BR 5600 No. 5652 – TB Owen © Colour-Rail; (background image) BR Class 5101 2-6-2T No. 4126 – AED Collection © Prorail UK.

Products issued

Miniature sheet - Presentation Pack - Set of 5 stamp cards - Two First Day Covers - Prestige Stamp Book.  The Welsh Locomotives retail stamp booklet will not be issued on this date.

Special first day of issue postmarks will be shown here. These cannot be obtained the date of issue; more may be added. Not always to scale.

Edinburgh official fd postmark.
 Edinburgh official FD postmark.
Porthmadog official first day postmark.
Official Newcastle-upon-Tyne FD postmark.
Porthmadog non-pictorial postmark.
Ref FD1404TH
Official Bureau first day of issue postmark
Ref FD1405TH
Official Bureau first day of issue postmark
Ref FD1404PL
Porthmadog official first day of issue postmark
Ref FD1405PL
Newcastle Upon Tyne official first day of issue postmark
Ref FD1404NP Porthmadog non-pictorial postmark
Porthmadog, Gwynned postmark showing locomotive Blanche.
 Welshpool, Powys, postmark showing The Earl locomotive.
Oval Postmark with text as below.
Postmark showing locomotive.
Newcastle-upon-Tyne non-pictorial postmark.
Ref W13037 - No 589 Blanche, Porthmadog, Gwynedd Ref W13038 - No 822 The Earl, Welshpool, Powys Ref W13041 - Swansea
Ref M13032 - Railway Road Birmingham (shows 'Blanche' as on 78p stamp)
Ref FD1405NP
Newecastle upon Tyne non-pictorial postmark
Postmark in style of a railway nameplate.
Postmark showing head-on view of locomotive.
Postmark showing locomotive.
Postmark showing Welsh dragon.

Also issued on the same day is the second Football Heroes Retail Booklet.
Special Postmarks will also be available for this.
Ref W13039 - Welshpool
Ref W13043 - Merthry Tydfil
Ref W13042 - Bethesda, Gwynedd
Ref W13044 - Welshpool

Stampex first day postmarks for Welsh Locomotives.
Belfast and Dundee postmarks for Locomotives of the UK PSB.
Liverpool postmark for Locomotives of the UK PSB.
Generic Stampex postmark
L13049 Spring Stampex first day postmark for Classic Locomotives of Wales, London N1 S13053 Classic Locomotives of the UK, Belfast S13054 Classic Locomotives of the UK, Dundee N13052 Classic Locomotives of the UK, Liverpool

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