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Buckingham Palace - 15 April 2014

This stamp set celebrates what is arguably the world’s most famous building and on the list of sites to see for visitors to London. Buckingham Palace is the centre of Monarchy and has been a place of ceremony and national celebration for over 150 years. Six sheet stamps celebrate the 300 year history of the building with illustrations showing the changes made over time. A set of stamps in a Miniature Sheet is a celebration of the opulence of its interior.

Buckingham Palace serves as the official home of the Queen as Head of State of the United Kingdom.  It is one of the few remaining working Royal palaces in the world today and provides the setting for ceremonies and formal entertaining. Investitures, state banquets, garden parties and diplomatic receptions all take place here, as does the Prime Minister’s weekly audience with the Queen. It is arguably one of the most recognised buildings in the world.
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 Stamp showing Buckingham Palace 2014. Stamp showing Buckingham Palace 1862.
Stamp showing Buckingham Palace 1846.. Stamp showing Buckingham Palace 1819.
Stamp showing Buckingham Palace 1714. Stamp showing Buckingham Palace 1700.
1st class stamps: Buckingham Palace 2014, 1862, and 1846
Buckingham House 1819, 1714 and 1700
Miniature sheet of 4 stamps showing Buckingham Palace interior.

The Throne Room, The Grand Staircase, The Blue Drawing Room, and The Green Drawing Room
Buckingham Palace retail booklet.

Buckingham Palace PSB pane 1. Buckingham Palace PSB pane 2.
Pane 1 - stamps showing 1700 to 1846 views
Pane 2 - two each of the 1862 and 2014 views

            Buckingham Palace PSB  pane 3. Buckingham Palace PSB pane 4.
Pane 3 - 2 x 10p, 4 x 20p and 2 x £1 Machin Definitive stamps
Pane 4 - stamps as on the miniature sheet. Background showing Sir Winston Churchill on balcony

Buckingham Palace PSB.
Prestige Stamp Book Cover
Detail of Machin definitives from Retail Booklet and Prestige Stamp Book - M14L

1st class MCIL - 10p MPIL
20p MPIL - £1 MPIL

For more images see the blog entry.

1st class MCIL M14L stamp.    10p Machin MPIL M14L.
20p Machin MPIL M14L   £1 Machin MPIL M14L.


The history of Buckingham Palace can be traced back to the early 17th century, when a mulberry garden was established on the site to breed silk worms. A house built near the garden for Lord Goring in 1633 was replaced, after a fire, on a larger scale by the next occupant, Henry Bennet, Secretary of State to King Charles II and later first Earl of Arlington. In 1698, Arlington House was acquired by John Sheffield, who was created Duke of Buckingham in 1703.

It was the Duke of Buckingham who transformed the site by demolishing the existing building and erecting an ambitious brick house with a three-storeyed central block and flanking pavilions. King George III purchased the building but it was George IV who decided to convert it into a palace, his chief residence.

This basic plan of Buckingham House formed the core of the future palace and dictated all subsequent development. Facing the Mall – the grand tree-lined avenue running along the north side of St James’s Park – and with a large formal garden at the back, it was an impressive residence benefitting from an excellent location and magnificent views.

The stamps in detail

Buckingham Palace, 2014 – watercolour and gouache by Chris Draper © Royal Mail Group Ltd 2014;
Buckingham Palace, c.1862 – colour lithograph by Achille-Louis Martinet, Private Collection/The Stapleton Collection/The Bridgeman Art Library;
Buckingham Palace, the east front from St James’s Park, 1846 – watercolour by Joseph Nash, Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2013;
Buckingham House, the east (entrance) front, 1819 – watercolour by William Westall, Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2013;
Buckingham House in St James’s Park, 1714 – coloured engraving by an unknown 18th-century draughtsman © Crown Copyright, UK Government Art Collection (;
Buckingham House from the north-west, c.1700 – oil on canvas attributed to Adriaen van Diest, Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2011/The Bridgeman Art Library
The Throne Room, The Grand Staircase and The Green Drawing Room photography by Derry Moore, Royal Collection Trust/©Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2013;
The Blue Drawing Room photography by Andrew Holt, Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2013

Technical details:
The 60 x 30 mm square stamps were designed by Howard Brown, perf 14½ x 14½, printed by International Security Printers in Lithography.  The PVA-gummed stamps have all-over phosphor, and are printed in sheets of 18/36.
The 155 x 74 mm Miniature Sheet was designed by Robert Maude and Sarah Davies, containing stamps 41 x 30 mm stamps are perf 14½ x 14, printed by Joh Enschede.  The PVA-gummed stamps have all-over phosphor.
The booklet is  printed by Walsall Security Printers.  All stamp images Royal Mail ©2014 reproduced with permission.

Products issued - we will be stocking the Machin stamps from the PSB, and the retail booklet.

Set of 6 stamps, miniature sheet, retail booklet.   Presentation Pack containing set and miniature sheet 

Set of 11 stamp cards  Two First Day Covers  Medal Cover    Prestige Stamp Book

Special first day of issue postmarks will be shown here. These cannot be obtained the date of issue; more may be added. Not always to scale.

First Day postmark Buckingham Palace stamps.
Buckingham Palace first day postmark showing military guard. 
Non-pictorial first day postmark.
Postmark showing Buckingham Palace.
Postmark showing interior of Buckingham Palace.
Ref FD1412TH
Official Bureau postmark
Ref FD1412PL
London SW1 official first day of issue postmark
Ref F1412NP
London SW1 non-pictorial official first day of issue postmark
Ref M13075
Buckingham Court, Birmingham
Ref M13076
Buckingham Mews,
Sutton Coldfield

 Buckingham Palace postmarks.

Buckingham Palace permanent postmark.

Ref L13068
Buckingham Palace, London SW1W
GBFDC Association
Ref L13069
300 Years Buckingham Palace London
Ref L13070
Buckingham Palace, London SW1
Ref L 4666
Royal Mail London SW

Postmarks showing HM The Queen, and the Victoria Momument.
Postmarks Ref 13079 - 13081 from London SHC

13081 shows the statue atop the Victoria Monument (commissioned in 1911) in Queen's Gardens. The statue may represent Peace or Victory, there doesn't seem to be a consensus.

Oddly a mix of London SW1 (which is correct for the location of the palace), London W1 and London.
Postmarks showing Buckingham palace and Queen Victoria. <<<<<
Postmarks Ref 13082 - 13084 from London SHC

Again, the postmark for the monarch is shown as London, rather than London SW1.

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