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Mr Men and Little Misses - 20 October 2016

Royal Mail celebrates the work of Roger Hargreaves, the creator of Mr Men & Little Miss, one of the most iconic series of children’s characters ever created. Successful series of books and TV cartoons have been enjoyed by generations since the birth in 1971 of Mr Tickle, Mr Happy and the rest. Loved thanks to the bold, colourful designs and universality of personality traits which each character exhibits

The Mr. Men and Little Miss books have been absorbing and enchanting children worldwide for 45 years.  Following the publication of Mr. Tickle in 1971, a total of 50 Mr. Men characters have been created, while in 1981 the first appearance of Little Miss Bossy heralded the start of the Little Miss books. Today, this colourful array of much-loved personalities remains as popular as ever.

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The Ten Stamps

10 x 1st classMr Men & Little Misses stamps.

Row 1: Mr Happy, Little Miss Naughty, Mr Bump, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Tickle

Row 2: Mr Grumpy, Little Miss Princess, Mr Strong, Little Miss Christmas, Mr Messy.

Retail Booklet

The Mr Happy and Mr Tickle stamps are also issued in a self-adhesive booklet of 6 stamps with 4 x 1st class red* Machin definitives at £3.78
*The Machin stamp is printed in a new darker shade, which will be described in SG catalogues as 'deep scarlet'.
The text on the booklet cover is in a new font, Chevin.

Mr Men retail stamp book.
Mr Men book cover.

Generic Smilers Sheet
A generic Smilers sheet is also available, with Little Miss Princess, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Bump, Mr Grumpy, Mr Happy, and Mr Messy stamps available for personalisation.

Mr Men and Little Misses Generic Smilers Stamp Sheet.

Technical details:

The stamps were designed by Supple Studio and are printed by International Security Printers in lithography.  The 35mm stamps are perf 14.5 in two sheets of 25/50 with all over phosphor.  

The self-adhesive booklet is printed by Walsall Security Print and the definitives have the codes M16L MCIL - these are the first red MCIL stamps with a 2016 year code.

Acknowledgements: MR. MENTM LITTLE MISSTM © 2016 THOIP (a SANRIO Company). All rights reserved

Products issued, available from Royal Mail (we are stock only the retail booklet and stamps from it): 

Set of 10 stamps (2 strips of 5) -- Generic Smilers Sheet - personalised Smilers sheets -- First day cover & unaddressed souvenir cover -- Presentation pack -- Stamp cards (set of 10) -

Retail booklet -- Set of stamps in frame for wall mounting - Mr Tickle Souvenir Cover (Limited Edition of 3000)

Special Postmarks

Postmarks available for the day of issue were shown in Royal Mail's Postmark Bulletins (download here)

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