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50th Anniversary of Wilding Castle Definitives - Miniature Sheet - 22 March 2005

When Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne the first priority for the Post Office, in terms of new stamps, were values for the basic letter and postcard rates, and the 1½d and 2½d stamps were issued on 5 December 1952. Over the following 14 months another 16 values were issued to complete the run to the 1/6d value. Then attention turned to the higher values.

Four high valued King George VI stamps - 2s6d, 5s, 10s, & £1 - had been issued on 3 May 1951 and it is reasonable to assume that sufficient quantities had been printed by Waterlows to last well beyond the untimely death of the king. The Post Office invited a number of artists to submit preliminary sketches and 67 designs were received. After much reworking of the design process the Queen approved the chosen designs in March 1955 and the first stamps were issued on 1 September. The 2s6d and 5s stamps were issued on 23 September.

Great Britain Wilding Castle definitives 1967 issue
Great Britain Wilding Castle definitives 1967 issue

The new stamps were also printed by Waterlow (in recess/intagliuo) until the end of 1957 when the contract transferred to De La Rue. The first stamps were printed on paper with the new E 2 R and St. Edward's crown, but from 1959 paper with the multiple crowns watermark was used. At the end of 1962 the printing contract was transferred to Bradbury Wilkinson who also printed the stamps on unwatermarked paper from 1967 until 1969 when they were replaced by the high-value Machin stamps.

205 miniature sheet of 4 Wilding castle definitive stamps

The stamps in the new sheet are:
50p brown Carrickfergus Castle Northern Ireland - original 2s6d (2/6) value;
£1 red Caernarvon/Caernarfon Castle Wales - original 5s (5/-) value
£1 blue Edinburgh Castle Scotland - original 10s (10/-) value
50p black Windsor Castle England - original £1 value (strange that this has been downvalued).

Technical details:
The sheets are printed by Joh Enschedé Security Print using intaglio (recess) for the detail and litho for the background colour, perf 11x11½.
The images are from Royal Mail's Stamp Preview, and Philatelic Bulletin, and are Copyright 2005 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Philatelics have an exclusive FDC for this issue which is available with a choice of postmarks - Windsor L9476 or Edinburgh S9489 - Price £8.50

Norvic Philatelics first day cover for Wilding Castles miniature sheet

We also have special limited edition cover which will also have an original £1 Windsor Castle stamp of the 1955 design with the Windsor postmark - Price £12.50.

Norvic Philatelics first day cover for Wilding Castles miniature sheet

Royal Mail FDCs will also be available with any of the postmarks which will be shown here, at £5.00
Also available: Mint sheet - £4.25

Special postmarks available for the First Day of Issue are shown here: others may be shown when they are published.

national emblems national emblems Windsor Castle roses Castle
Ref FD509
Official Bureau FDI postmark
Ref FD510
Official Windsor FDI postmark
Ref E4680
Windsor Castle permanent postmark
Ref L9477
50th Anniversary of the First QEII High Values, Windsor
Ref M9485
Castles Miniature Sheet, Castle Rd, Birmingham
Windsor Castle Windsor Castle Windsor Castle Windsor Castle Castle
Ref L9478
Castles - The Windsor Castle
Ref L9476
50th Anniversary of the Castles High Values, Windsor
Ref L9479
Castles Definitives, Windsor
Ref L9480
Windsor Way, London W14
Ref L9481
British Castles, Windsor
Windsor Castle Caernarfon Castle Carrickfergus Castle Edinburgh Castle Floral emblems
Ref L9473
Castles High Values Windsor
Ref W9493
Castles High Values Carnarfon
Ref S9490
Castles High Values Carrickfergus Co Antrim
Ref S9491
Castles High Values Edinburgh
Ref S9489
The 1955 Castles Definitives, Edinburgh
operational datestamp Edinburgh operational datestamp Carrickfergus operational datestamp Caernarfon operational datestamp Windsor operational datestamp Edinburgh
Ref S6040
Edinburgh handstamp
Ref S4188
Carrickfergus handstamp
Ref W4191
Caernarfon handstamp
Ref L4177
Windsor handstamp
Ref S4185
Edinburgh handstamp

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