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Farm Animals - 11 January 2005

This set of 10 stamps will be issued in a se-tenant block of conventionally-gummed stamps. The stamps were designed by Rose Design using illustrations by Chris Wormell. The illustrations for the stamps and the labels on the Smilers sheet were created using the linocut process, in which the image is cut into the linoleum, the areas not being printed being removed.
There will also be a Smilers Sheet - see below.

set of 10 stamps showing British farmyard animals to be issued 11 January 2005

1. British Saddleback pigs. Created by a merger of the Essex and Wessex Saddleback breeds.

2. Khaki Campbell ducks. Created through breeding by Mrs Adele Campbell of Uley, Gloucestershire - good egg layer.

3. Suffolk Punch horses - see below*

4. Dairy Shorthorn cattle. The oldest recorded breed of cattle in the UK, now bred into distinct beef and dairy varieties.

5. Border Collie pup. A very intelligent breed of dog which is ideal for herding sheep.

6. Light Sussex chicks.

7. Suffolk Sheep. This breed was developed through rotational farming and grazed on grass & clover in summer and root crops in winter.

8. Bagot Goat. A breed known to have existed since 1380 when it was reared by the Bagot family in Staffordshire.

9. Norfolk Black Turkeys. Native to the Americas the turkey was introduced to Britain in 1524. The Norfolk Black was one of the first breeds to be introduced.

10. Embden Geese. The Embden breed was standardised in 1865. It is a fast-growing bird which can way 32 pounds (14.2kg)

Links - Click on the animal names above. Also:
Khaki Campbells: Oklahoma State University
Border Collies: Border Collie Trust and Collie corner for many pictures
Most websites which mention the Norfolk Black turkeys are food sites!

* Royal Mail has issued a correction: the horses shown are Clydesdales not Suffolk Punches. Click here for information about Clydesdale horses.

Farm animals Smilers Sheet of 20 stamps and labels

Technical details: The 35mm square stamps are printed in 4-colour gravure & gold by Joh Enschede Security Printers, perf 14.

The images except for FDCs are from Royal Mail's Postmark Bulletin, and Philatelic Bulletin, and are Copyright 2004/05 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We will produce exclusive FDCs for this issue as shown below
Block of 10 on Norvic FDC  - Price 8.95
Norvic Philatelics official FDC for Farm Animals stamps

Smilers stamps: pair of Norvic covers each with 5 stamps  - Price 10.45
Norvic Philatelics official FDC1 for Farm Animals Smilers stamps
Norvic Philatelics official FDC2 for Farm Animals Smilers stamps

Also some sets on PO FDC Price 5.25

Also available:
Mint block of 10 - 3.95 - individual stamps 45p each.
PO stamp cards - these are postcard-sized reproductions of the stamps: price 50p each, 4.50 for a set of 10.

Special postmarks available on the day of issue are shown here.

eggs in basket paddock / sheep pen chick sheep on pub sign mare & foal
Ref FD501
Philatelic Bureau FDI postmark
Ref FD502
Paddock, Huddersfield FDI postmark
Ref W9386
Down on the Farm, Farmers, Llanwrda, Dyfed
Ref M9377
Farm Animals on Pub Signs, Stoneleigh, Coventry
Ref N9384
All Creatures Great and Small Country, Thirsk, N.Yorks
saddleback pig duck (?)shire horse cow border collie dog
Ref L9373
High Street, Trumpington, Cambridge
Ref M9380
Bentley Heath, Solihull, Warwickshire
Ref L9372
The Market Hill, Woodbridge, Suffolk
Ref M9382
Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth
Ref W9388
Llangwm, Corwen, Denbighshire
chick sheep goat turkey goose
Ref M9381
Frampton, Boston, Lincolnshire
Ref W9390
Llanelwedd, Builth Wells
Ref W9387
Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbott, Devon
Ref L9374
Great Eversden, Cambridge
Ref W9389
Gelly, Clynderwen, Pembrokeshire
horse horse, goat, pig, sheep, cow - logo of Kentish Town City Farm bull sheep cockerel
Ref L9370
Horseshore Lane, London N20
Ref L9371
Kentish Town City Farm, London NW5
Ref M9378
Farm Animals - Hereford
Ref N9383
Farm Animals - Woolley, Wakefield
Ref M9379
Farmers Walk, Birmingham

Postmark explanations:
9372 - Market Hill, Woodbridge, Suffolk - location of The Suffolk Horse Society Museum
9373 - Trumpington - HQ of the British Pig Association
9374 - Great Eversden, Cambridge - HQ of The Turkey Club
9380 - Bentley Heath - location of Solihull Riding Club and of British Waterfowl Association's annual National Faterfowl Exhibition
9381 - Frampton, Boston, Lincolnshire - The Poultry Club
9387 - Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbott, Devon - HQ of British Goat Society
9388 - Llangwm, Corwen, Denbighshire - Aled Owen Sheepdogs
9389 - Gelly, Clynderwen, Pembrokeshire - HQ of The Goose Club
9390 - Llanelwedd, Builth Wells - Site of Royal Welsh Agricultural Society's Royal Welsh Show
9377, 9382 - Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth- Site of Royal Agricultural Society of England's Royal Agricultural Show
9378 - Hereford - Breed of Cattle, also shown on 1984 26p GB stamp.

Ref N9385
All Creatures Great and Small Country, Sowerby Bridge, N.Yorks

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