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Europa: Gastronomy - 23 August 2005

The theme chosen by the European Postal organisation PostEurop for the common series of stamps in 2005 is Gastronomy. Royal Mail will issue a set of 6 stamps (only 2 will have the EUROPA symbol). The originally published title for this set was 'A Celebration of Food', but it is now entitled Changing Tastes in Britain.

The stamps show not only the variety of food now widely available in the United Kingdom, but by means of ethnic stereotypes, "shows the diversity of British cuisine in today's multicultural society".

set of 6 Great Britain stamps showing British cuisine in a multi-cultural society.  Includes europa issue Royal Mail FDC for food-gastronomy stamp issue

2nd class - Rice: staple food for more than half the world;
1st class - Tea: first drunk in China more than 5,000 years ago;
42p - Sushi: started in Japan as a way to preserve fish;
47p - Pasta: originated in Italy in 4th century B.C.;
60p - Chips: potatoes first cultivated by the Incas;
68p - Apples: Britain's leading fruit export.

Technical Details:
Designer: Rose Design; illustrations by Catell Ronca. Printer: Joh Enschede en Zonen, in Gravure, size 35x35mm.
Illustrations are Copyright Royal Mail 2005.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Cover

Norvic First Day Cover with set of 6 stamps, postmark L9692 or L9706 - 7.95
Norvic Philatelics official FDC for Europa: Gastronomy Changing Tastes in Britain fdc bread postmark
Norvic Philatelics official FDC for Europa: Gastronomy Changing Tastes in Britain fdc bread postmark

Also available:
Set of stamps mint or VFU - 3.95
Set of postcards reproducing the stamps (PHQ cards) - 2.75
PO FDCs also available with any postmark if pre-orderd - price 5.00

Special postmarks available on the Day of Issue are shown here.

cooking implements cutlery on plate text chef tea set
Ref FD519
Official Bureau postmark showing kitchen implements
Ref FD520
Official pictorial postmark of Cookstown, Northern Ireland
Ref FD520N
Official postmark of Cookstown, Northern Ireland
Ref L9692
Covent Garden, London
Ref M9694
Oliver Street, Birmimgham
cooking pot outline of slice of bread text strawberries innuit with whale on a plate
Ref L9705
Cooks Way, Hatfield, Herts
Ref L9706
Great British Food, London W1
Ref W9708
Food you can trust, Iceland, Second Avenue, Deesisde
Ref L9693
Curry Rise, London NW7
Ref L9719
Cookham, Maidenhead (Eskimo)
peas plum pie cutlery & cruet chips pomegranates
Ref L9716
Hillingdon, Uxbridge
Ref L9717
Victoria, London SW1 (Plum pie?)
Ref L9718
Ashdown Forest, Hartfield
Ref N9726
Guiseley, Leeds
Ref W9728
St Austell, Cornwall (pomegranate)
Vegetarian Society logo logo and leaves cakes and sandwiches? bramley apple wicker shopping basket
Ref N9699
Vegetarian Society, Altrincham
Ref L9720
Nando's Peri-Peri Chicken Restaurant
Ref W9729
Chagford, Newton Abbot
Ref M9725
The Bramley Apple, Southwell, Notts Public house/Inn
Ref L9746
Changing Rations, Bletchley Park PO. 

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