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50th Anniversary of Independent Television 1955-2005 - 15 September 2005

Until 1955 television services in the United Kingdom were provided only by the state-owned British Broadcasting Corporation, but that year saw the launch of the first services provided by privately owned companies with services funded by advertising or 'commercials' - and hence 'commercial television'.

Royal Mail celebrates the 50th anniversary of Independent Television with a set of 6 stamps and a Smilers Sheet. The stamps feature six TV genres where ITV has made an impact.

Set of 6 stamps celebrating the 50th anniversary of Independent Television
2nd class - Inspector Morse (Drama) Official Carlton TV site 1st class - Emmerdale (Soaps)
ITV Emmerdale page
42p - Rising Damp (Comedy)
Rigbsy Online site
47p - The Avengers (Cult TV) Avengers Forever website 60p - South Bank Show [Arts show] (Factual) ITV South Bank page 68p - Who wants to be a millionaire? (Games show)
Official ITV Millionaire site

There are many other websites associated with all of these programmes: rather than us providing links here, we suggest you use your favourite search engine and enter the programme title.

Smilers Sheet
This Smilers Sheet will also be issued on the same date, consisting of 20 x 1st class (Emmerdale) stamps. The border is designed in the format of the original test cards seen in years gone by, before the advent of 24-hour television. The label designs are as follows: 6 show the front covers of listings magazine TV Times from 1965 to 2004; 4 labels below some of those images describe some of ITV's longest-running soaps, but with dates not related to the magazine cover images; and 2 or 3 labels in each column have programme listings, again from years other than those shown on the covers or write-up labels. Click on the image for a larger view - and then use the 'back' button to get back to this page.

Royal Mail Smilers Sheet with Emmerdale stamps from Independent Television commemoration

Technical details:
The stamps were designed by Kate Stephens and are printed in litho by De La Rue Security Print.
All stamp and postmark images are Copyright 2005 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Cover

The limited edition Norvic First Day Covers will show a vintage television captioned in 50's and modern style. Two postmarks will be used - N9770 & M9768 - price 8.95 each.
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Norvic Philatelics first day cover for the 50th anniversary of independent television ITV with Birmingham retro-tv postmark

Norvic Philatelics first day cover for the 50th anniversary of independent television ITV with Manchester tv camera postmark

Also available:
Post Office FDC with a full set and any postmark in stock - 5.00
Set of stamps unused or VFU - 3.95 (blocks pro rata)
Set of unused postcards reproducing the stamps (PHQ cards) - 2.75
Set of PHQ cards with stamp on the picture side and relevant postmark - 6.75

Smilers sheets & FDCs - postmarks as detailed below

Norvic Philatelics first day cover for the 50th anniversary of independent television ITV Emmerdale Smilers stamp with Manchester tv camera postmark

a. Cover with a single stamp and label, postmark N9773 - price 3.50 each
b. Cover with a split strip of 5 stamps and labels, postmark N9770 - price 5.50 each
c. Set of 4 covers with 4 split strips of 5 stamps & labels, postmark N9773 - price 17.50
Mint sheet - 7.85 : Any single stamp 0.55
Note: while set (c) is for all 20 stamps on the sheet, cover (a) will be a single from any position, and cover (b) may be from any vertical column on the sheet.

Special postmarks available on the Day of Issue are shown below:

'testcard transmitter text text bowler hat & umbrella (The Avengers) television
Ref FD517
Official Bureau postmark ('test-card')
Ref FD518
Official London SE19 postmark (transmitter)
Ref FD518N
Official London non-pictorial postmark
Ref L9749
Stampex Official FDI postmark Classic ITV
Ref L9752
50 Years of Classic ITV London SW1
Ref M9768
Classic ITV, Broad Street Birmingham
fingerprint & city skyline on television pointing hand on television banknote on television bowler hat & leather boot on television The Woolpack public house on television eye through keyhole on television
Ref L9758
Oxford (Morse)
Ref L9760
Upper Ground, London SE1 (South Bank Show)
Ref L9761
Gray's Inn Road, London WC1 (Millionaire)
Ref L9759 Elstree, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire (The Avengers) Ref N9773
Harewood, Leeds (Emmerdale)
Ref N9774
Burley Road, Leeds (Rising Damp)
television 'TV Times' logo riot policeman fez (hat) police car television camera
Ref L9753
Gray's Inn Road, London WC1
Ref L9754
50th Birthday TVTimes, London SE1
Ref L9750
Police Station Lane, Bushey, Herts
Ref L9755
Cooper Road, London NW10
Ref L9751
The Sweeney, Charlton, Pewsey
Ref N9770 50th Anniv Commercial Television, Manchester
'clockwork' television <<<< Ref W9778
Classic ITV - Watchet
National Museum of Photography Film & Television logo <<<< Ref N9794
National Museum of Photography Film & Television Bradford 
Also available on this date were the standard Stampex postmark, one showing HMS Warspite, and two commemorating the Liverpool & Manchester Railway. 

This page updated 17 September 2005

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