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Centenary of the Magic Circle - 15 March 2005

Royal Mail celebrates the Centenary of the Magic Circle with a set of 5 novelty stamps and a Smilers Sheet

set of 5 stamps commemorating the Magic Circle Centenary

The stamp designs show:
1st class - 'Heads or Tails'. The design shows a coin, and the blank centre can be scratched away to reveal either the head or reverse side. [Arguably collectors may want three versions in their collections, 'heads', 'tails', and hidden.]
40p - 'Rabbit and hat'. This is an optical illusion.
47p - 'Knotted scarf trick'. Thermographic ink on the spotted scarf will reveal a different scarf when warmed.
69p - 'Card trick'. Another optical illusion.
1.12 - 'Three-cup trick'. A variation on the three-cup trick using a pyramid under one of 3 fezzes. Thermographic ink reveals which fez the pyramid is under.

Personalised 'Smilers' sheets

The stamps are also available for personalisation, and a collectors' generic sheet was also produced. The labels on the sheet show how to perform 4 different illusory tricks. The instructions are hidden on the third label in columns 1, 2 & 3 and the fourth label in column 4.

Technical details:
The stamps are printed in gravure by Walsall Security Print, perf 14.5 x 14, size 41x30mm with PVA gum, in sheets of 25 and 50.
We believe that the Smilers sheets are also printed by Walsall, but using lithography.
All images are taken from Royal Mail's Philatelic Bulletin, and are Copyright 2005 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We have again produced our own exclusive covers for this issue.
Note that the postmarks have been applied to these images digitally and may not be applied exactly as shown, or quite this size.

One cover will have the set of stamps plus the extra 1st class stamp so that both variations are on the cover. With postmark L9453 or L9468. Price 8.75:
Norvic Philatelics fdc of Magic Circle stamps 15 March 2005

The Smilers Sheet contains four different strips of 5, which are split 2/3 on our covers which are postmarked with L9468 or N9486:
Norvic Philatelics fdc of Magic Circle Smilers stamps 15 March 2005

Cover with 5 stamps and labels from sheets of 20 - 6.50;
Set of 4 covers with 5 stamps and labels on each, ie complete set - 17.50
Cover with single Smilers stamp and label - 3.50

Also available:
Set of 5 from ordinary sheets - 3.75.       Mint Smilers sheet - 7.95 

Some special postmarks announced for the Day of Issue are shown here.
The postmarks shown here cannot be obtained after 15 March 2005

magician's wand magic die magician's props - hat, cards, wand, silk scarf Magician/wizard/conjuoror rabbit in hat
Ref FD507
Philatelic Bureau Official Postmark
Ref FD508
Official Postmark, London NW 1
Ref L9453
A Century of Magic London
Ref L9454 Conjurors Crown, Poole, Dorset Public house/inn Half-Crown Ref M9457
A Centry of Magic, Daniels Road, Birmingham
white dove rabbit in hat magician zodiac signs dove/rabbit
Ref L9455
Hand Court, London WC1
Ref L9456
Bletchley Park PO Milton Keynes
Ref L9463
Stephenson Way, London NW1
Ref L9468
Logo of the Magic Circle (zodiac signs), London
Ref L9469
Wandsworth, London SW18
Print this and see it inverted!
wizard/magician magic cards rabbit & hat three shells magic wand
Ref L9464
Grant Close, London N14
Ref M9484
Selly Oak, Birmingham
Ref N9487
Ref S9488
Ref W9492
St Austell, Cornwall
signs of the zodiac <<<<
Ref L9467
Logo of the Magic Circle (zodiac signs), Stephenson Way, London NW1
Rabbit or Duck? <<<<
Ref N9486
Prestolee, Bolton
Optical illusion - duck's beak or rabbit's ears?

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