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In response to public demand, Royal Mail Smilers stamps are being reduced in size to accommodate a larger label for personalisation. However, there appear to be no plans at present to issue these stamps in a generic Smilers sheet, but these 1st class stamps are being issued in self-adhesive books:

booklet of 6 self-adhesive 1st class greetings stamps

The stamps chosen for the first reduced size greetings stamps are:
1990 Teddy bear - designed by Michael Peters and Partners
1995 19p Christmas Robin - designed by Ken Lily
1997 Flower (Guzmania) - designed by Tutssells
2001 Union Jack - designed by Dick Davis
2002 Love - designed by Alan Kitching
2002 Hello - designed by Hoop Associates

Quite correctly, Royal Mail are regarding this as a new issue, and official first day of issue postmarks are available, but there will be no special first day cover.

Technical details:
The booklets stamps are printed in lithography by Walsall Security Print. The Smilers sheets (see below) are printed by Walsall's French subsidiary, Cartor.
CORRECTION! - Royal Mail have confirmed that "due to technical difficulties at the time of printing" the booklets were printed by Walsall in gravure. The personalised sheet stamps are printed by lithography so these are totally different stamps. The most obvious difference is in the phosphor bands which are more solid on the sheet stamps.

All images except FDCs are taken from Royal Mail's Philatelic Bulletin and Postmark Bulletin and are Copyright 2005 by Royal Mail.

Personalised 'Smilers' sheets

The personalised Smilers sheets contain 20 copies of one design, and are self-adhesive, but they are collectably different. Smilers stamps are not separately listed in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue, although the generic sheets are listed: personalised sheets are not. But other catalogues and some pre-printed albums do recognise these as different stamps especially as they are printed by a different process. As there is no generic sheet the only way to get these Cartor stamps is from Personalised Smilers.

Click here to see our personalised stamps and links which show the complete sheets.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We will produce exclusive covers for this issue. The cover for the booklet stamps is shown below. The cover as shown with the advertisement and colour strip will has postmark M9790. We have also produced the same cover but without the advertisement and colour strip which has allowed the stamps to be more widely spaced. This cover will have postmark M9789. Either cover is priced 5.95.
There is no cylinder number on this printing of these booklets.

Norvic official fdc for booklet of greetings stamps issued 4 October 2005

All prices exclude postage & packing. To order or for prices in foreign currencies - please email us.

Day of issue postmarks. These postmarks were available for the date of issue:

Royal Mail coat of arms Royal Mail coat of arms text Thistle on 'stamp' teddy bear teddy bear
Ref FD537
Philatelic Bureau Official Postmark
Ref FD538
Official Postmark, Windsor
Ref FD538n
Non-pictorial postmark Windsor
Ref N9797
First Pictorial Definitive Booklet, York
Ref N9798
Teddy bears' Picnic Bearpark, Durham
Ref M9791
Greetham, Oakham
Flowers bi-plane heart Union Flag Teddy bear robin
Ref N9796
Garden Village, Hull
Ref M9788
Greet, Cheltenham
Ref L9782
Lovington, Castle Cary
Ref N9795
Flagg, Buxton
Ref M9787
Bearwood, Leominster
Ref M9789
Birdwood, Gloucester
teddy bear <<<<
Ref M9790
Bearwood, Birmingham

This page updated 23 November 2005

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