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Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar - 18 October 2005

The 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805 will be commemorated by Royal Mail with a set of 6 stamps, a miniature sheet and Prestige Stamp Book.

The stamps show details from the watercolour painting 'Panorama of the Battle of Trafalgar' by William Heath (1795-1840), painted around 1825 and issued in se-tenant pairs that combine to show the whole painting. The painting, a watercolour on paper laid on calico, has not been on show to the public since 1968 because of its frail state.

Royal Mail stamps celebrating the Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar

1st class
The British cutter Entrepreante with the dismasted Belle Isle
1st class Nelson wounded 42p Pickle to the left of the Achille
42p Entrepreante attempts to rescue the crew of the burning French ship Achille 68p The Royal Navy fleet attacking in two columns 68p The combined Franco-Spanish fleet put to sea from Cadiz

Design for the Miniature Sheet - colouring here is likely to be more accurate.

amended designs for Royal Mail stamps celebrating the Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar

Prestige stamp book

This lavishly illustrated and informative book details the build up to the battle, Nelson?s career, the battle and its aftermath. Designed by Webb and Webb with copy by maritime historian and historical novelist Richard Woodman, it contains four pages of stamps which include the full set of Trafalgar stamps, 3 white ensign flag stamps, and the usual mixed page of Machin definitives. The central label on the last-mentioned features an image of the life cast of Nelson taken by Franz Thallerin in Vienna in 1800. (Click on the panes for a larger version of each.)

Pane 1 from Trafalgar 200 prestige book containing Machin definitives Pane 2 from Trafalgar 200 prestige book containing White Ensign flag stamps
Pane 4 from Trafalgar 200 prestige book containing 3 Trafalgar stamps Pane 4 from Trafalgar 200 prestige book containing 3 Trafalgar stamps

- Pane 1: Mixed Machin definitives - 4 x 1st class gold, and 2 each 50p (ochre) and 68p (grey-brown);
- Pane 2: Flag stamps;
- Pane 3: Three of the Trafalgar stamps;
- Pane 4: the other three Trafalgar stamps.

Norvic First Day Covers

We have produced limited edition first day covers showing various monumental tributes to Lord Nelson. For convenience these are listed on a separate page - please click here.

Norvic FDC with set of 6 OR miniature sheet - Price 8.95
Norvic FDC with set of 6 OR miniature sheet plus Nelson and Union Flag Smilers Stamp - Price 10.95
Prestige Book panes on set of 4 Norvic FDCs - S O L D
Nelson+Union Flag Smilers stamp on Norvic FDC - Price 4.50

Also available:
Set of 6 stamps or miniature sheet, mint or vf used - 4.00
Set of 7 stamp cards (PHQ cards) mint - 3.25
Prestige book - 9.00
Smilers stamp (single) - 2.00
Smilers stamp (Sheet of 10) - 14.75

Special Postmarks
These postmarks were available for the first day of issue - these may not be to scale.

text HMS Victory text Royal Naval Museum Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - Museum Logo Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson HMS Victory
Ref FD523 Philatelic Bureau Official Postmark "ENGLAND expects that every MAN will do his DUTY"> Ref FD524
Portsmouth Official Postmark: HMS Victory
Ref FD524a
Portsmouth Official non-pictorial postmark
Ref L9783
Royal Naval Museum Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
Ref L9784
Trafalgar Square London
Ref L9785
Victory Place, London E14
HMS Victory Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson Ship's wheel Ship in dry dock Royal Arms HMS Victory
Ref L9786
Trafalgar Square, London SW1
Ref M9792
Nelson Road, Birmingham
Ref M9793
Burnham Thorpe, King's Lynn, Norfolk
Ref L9808
HMS Victory Built at Chatham Naval Dockyard
Ref L9807
200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, Portsmouth
Ref L9806
HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, Hants
Portrait of Nelson Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square Portrait of Nelson Telescope Naval Badge Crest HMS Victory
Ref L9802
Southsea, Hants
Ref L9811
Trafalgar Square, London WC2
Ref L9812
Merton, London SW19
Ref L9803
Trafalgar 200 Years, Portsmouth
Ref L9813
St Paul's Churchyard, London EC4
Ref L9815
Portrait of Nelson ship's prow cannon Britannia Portrait of Nelson HMS Victory
Ref L9809
The Trafalgar, Hythe, Southampton
Ref L9810
Victory Way, London SE6
Ref L9814
Whitehall, London SW1
Ref M9820
Burnham Thorpe, King's Lynn
Ref N9822
Nelson (town in Lancashire)
Ref F9825
Cape Trafalgar, Cadiz, BFPS9825
Postmark text: Trafalgar 1805 Matapan 1941 <<<< Ref L9827
Trafalgar 1805 Matapan 1941 - Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes
Postmark: Nelson's Column Trafalgar Square <<<< Ref L4667
London WC Permanent postmark showing Nelson's Column Trafalgar Square
Forces postmark, text: ENGLAND expects that every MAN will do his DUTY, Trafalgar 200 <<<< Ref F9849
British Forces Postal Service 2885 Trafalgar 200

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