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London Olympic City - 2012 Olympics - 5 August 2005

Royal Mail celebrates London's selection by the International Olympic Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games by the production of a miniature sheet of six stamps reproducing the 1996 Olympics issue revalued from 26p to 1st class.

Beijing Olympics 2008. In connection with the Beijing 2008 Olympics there are three stamp issues in 2008:
Handover of Olympic flag from Beijing to London Joint Issue with China;
Beijing Olympic Expo Philatelic Exhibition Smilers Sheet;
Centenary of the 1908 London Olympics Commemorative Sheet.

miniature sheet of five stamps commemorating the award to London of the 2012 

The Stamps
The sheet has been designed by CDT using designs by Nick Knight originally employed for the 1996 Olympics issue.

Presentation Pack
presentation pack

Technical details:
The stamps are printed in litho by Walsall Security Printers in lithography. The stamps are 41x30mm, and the sheet 115x105mm.
The postmark images are from Royal Mail's Postmark Bulletin, and all images are Copyright 2005 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We have produced a limited number of covers for this sheet - Price 5.95 - using postmarks L9710, L9709 & L9744.
Cover producers have had to take account of restrictions by the International Olympic Committee on the use of all their symbols and words, and 'London 2102' has been registered as a Trade Mark in the UK. We know that some cover producers have decided not to produce a cover for this issue.

Norvic FDC for Olympics 2012 miniature sheet with olympic 
flame postmark

Also available:
Miniature sheet mint - 2.95
Sheet on PO FDC - 4.50 - various postmarks, please use the link to our online shop.
Presentation pack - 3.40
PHQ cards: We have some sets of the 5 1996 PHQ cards with the 5 different stamps from the sheet and postmarks L9739-9743. Price 9.95 per set.

These special postmarks available for the first day of issue

HOST CITY  IT'S LONDON runner carrying flame flame and LONDON
Ref FD2012
Official Philatelic Bureau postmark
Ref FD2012a
Official FDI postmark London E15
Ref L9709
A Hat Trick for London, 1908 1948 2012
Ref L9710
London E15
Ref L9713
Raffles, Romford, Essex - The decision to choose the Host City was taken at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore
basketball player sprinter swimmer javelin thrower athlete breaking tape torch
Ref L9739
Host City 2012 - London
Ref L9740
Host City 2012 - London
Ref L9741
Host City 2012 - London
Ref L9742
Host City 2012 - London
Ref L9743
Host City 2012 - London
Ref N9769
Congratulations London 2012 - York
Union flag Athlete torch runner with 2012 number
Coat of arms
Ref L9744
It's London, Host City 2012
Ref L9745
London Wins, Stratford London E15
Ref L9737
Olympic Way, Wembley, Middlesex
Ref L9736
London: Host City, Stratford London E15
Ref L9738 Society of Olympic Collectors Congratulates London Host City, Stratford London E15 Ref L9779
Havering Sports Council, London 2012 Host City Romford Essex

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