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Royal Wedding: HRH Prince Charles & Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles

Royal Mail will issue a miniature sheet of four stamps in two designs to commemorate the wedding of HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, and Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles.

Update 5 April: Following the decision that HRH the Prince of Wales would represent the Queen at the Friday funeral of Pope John Paul II in Rome, Royal Mail announced it would postpone the issue of its Royal Wedding stamps for 24 hours until Saturday 9 April.
The miniature sheet was not reprinted, but the stamps were not available to buy until Saturday, the postponed wedding day of The Prince of Wales and Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles.

The official issue date remained as 8 April and special handstamps shown below were used, although Royal Mail also produced "The Windsor souvenir postmark" for the day of the wedding for use on souvenir covers - L9544 below. There are also other postmarks for the Wedding Day as shown.

miniature sheet of four stamps commemorating the wedding of HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales and Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles

The Stamps
The sheet contains two copies of each stamp in a silver background with white lettering. The 30p, by Christopher Furlong, shows the couple at the Mey Games in Scotland in August 2004; the picture on the 68p stamp was taken at Birkhall, the Prince's Scottish residence in January 2005 by Carolyn Robb. The caption on the sheet is in English and Welsh.

Technical details:
The stamps are printed in litho by Enschede of Holland, with all over phosphor. The stamps are 30x40mm, and the sheet 85x115mm, which is rather large to fit on a 125mm cover!
The postmark images are from Royal Mail's Postmark Bulletin, and all images are Copyright 2005 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We have produced covers for this sheet in a limited edition price 6.50.
For 8 April we used postmarks L9512 & L9513. For 9 April we used postmark L9549 at the same price.

We also have some double-dated covers at 7.00 each. Royal Mail rules did not allow cancels with the two different dates on the whole miniature sheet so the sheets on these covers have been neatly split horizontally, with the upper half postmarked 8 April and the lower half 9 April.

Norvic official first day cover for the Wedding of HRH The Prince of Wales & Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles 8 April 2005, 9 April 2005

Also available:
Miniature sheet mint - 2.95
Sheet on PO FDC - 4.00

Special postmarks available for the first day of issue and the wedding day/first day of sale (images not to scale!):
9 April postmarks must be ordered by 9 May 2005.

decorated text The Guildhall, Windsor
The Guildhall, Windsor
text in ornate frame text in ornate frame
Ref FD534
Official Philatelic Bureau postmark
Ref FD535
Official Windsor FDI postmark
Ref L9544
Windsor Guildhall
9 April
Ref L9510
Royal Wedding, Windsor
Ref L9563
Royal Wedding, Windsor
9 April
text in ornate frame
text in ornate frame
text in ornate frame
text in ornate frame
hearts & ribbon
Ref L9508
Charles & Camilla - Majesty Magazine - Windsor
Ref L9548
Charles & Camilla - Majesty Magazine - Windsor 9 April
Ref L9512
Royal Wedding, Windsor
Ref L9565
Royal Wedding, Windsor
9 April
Ref L9547
The Wedding of HRH Prince Charles & Camilla Parker Bowles
Bells text in ornate frame
text in ornate frame
Ref L9513
Royal Wedding Celebrations, Windsor
Ref L9549
Royal Wedding Celebrations, Windsor
9 April
Ref M9531
Prince of Wales, Birmingham
Ref L9511
Charles & Camilla, Windsor
Ref L9511
Charles & Camilla, Windsor
9 April
Monogrammed toaster BAE146 of No 32 (The Royal) Squadron Windsor Castle permanent postmark
Ref L9509
Royal Wedding, Windsor Phil Stamp Collection
Ref F9541
10th ann. of No 32 (The Royal) Squadron.
Ref E4680
Windsor Castle Permanent Postmark

This page updated 3 May 2005

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