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New Machin definitive stamps - 1 April 2004

Postage rate changes which are effective from 1 April will require several new stamps. The inland 2nd class rate will increase from 20p to 21p - this will continue to be served by the '2nd class' stamp. A new 7p stamp will replace the 8p representing the difference between the 1st & 2nd class basic rate. The rate for 20gr European letters will increase from 38p to 40p and the NVI European rate ('E') stamp will be replaced by a valued 40p in blue.

new 7p, 35p, 39p 40p & 43p definitive stamps universal airmail postcard stamp
Royal Mail publicity images of 7p-43p and our mock-up of the airmail stamp which will be slate-grey.

The inland 2nd class 100gr rate increases from 34p to 35p; the international surface mail postcard and 20gr letter rate increases from 38p to 39p; the airmail postcard increases from 42p to 43p. Following the NVI Universal Airmail 40gr letter rate stamps issued last year, a booklet of 4 similar stamps for use on postcards will also be issued on 1 April. The colour is believed to be slate-grey.

Images are from The Philatelic Bulletin and Postmark Bulletin and are copyright 2003/4, Royal Mail.

First Day Covers

2003 Universal airmail Norvic limited edition FDC Norvic Philatelics serviced Post Office first day covers for these stamps, and a Norvic Exclusive FDCs was produced for the NVI Airmail Postcard stamp to match the covers produced last year for the 40gr letter rate stamps (See right).

Set of 5 ordinary definitives on PO FDC with any postmark - 3.25
Single Airmail Postcard stamp on Norvic limited edition 'World Map' FDC - 3.75
Single Airmail Postcard stamp on PO FDC - 1.95
Airmail postcard cylinder number booklet on Norvic FDC with Windsor FDI postmark 8.95
Set of 5 mint stamps - 2.20
Airmail Postcard booklet - 2.50

These postmarks were available for the date of issue

Scottish PO Arms English PO Arms Windsor Castle winged globe crown
Ref FD431 - Bureau 'Scottish Coat of Arms' postmark Ref FD432 - Windsor 'English Coat of Arms' postmark Ref E4680 - Windsor Castle, Royal Mail permanent handstamp Ref L9037 - World of Postcards, Croydon Ref M9046 - Stoke-on-Trent Machin Definitive
map of the world winged 'U' writing postcard message in a bottle
Ref M9015
Universal Postcard Rate, Birmingham
Ref L9005
Self Adhesives Universal Postcard Rate London
Ref E9032
Universal Postcard, Send, Woking
Ref E9057
World of Postcards, Southampton
Ref W9071
World of Postcards, Falmouth

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