Norvic Philatelics - GB New Stamps and Special Postmarks cover of prestige stamp book Royal Horticultural Society bicentenary

Bicentenary of the Royal Horticultural Society

stamps, miniature sheet and prestige book and Smilers Sheet - 25 May 2004

Royal Mail celebrates the Bicentenary of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) with a set of six stamps, a miniature sheet, and a lavishly illustrated prestige stamp booklet.

The RHS began with a meeting of amateur and professional gardeners in London in 1804. The Society's aim was "to collect every information respecting the culture and treatment of all plants and trees." Experimental and nursery gardens were set up and in 1858 Prince Albert became the Society's president and the 'Royal' was added to the title.
The world-famous RHS gardens at Wisley were presented to the Society by Sir Thomas Hanbury in 1903, and the Royal Horticultural Hall in London was opened in 1904, with a second hall in Greycoat Street added in 1928. Collectors will recognise these Halls as the venue of Stampex from 1969-1995.

The stamp designs were created by Rose Design, using photography by Barbara and Zafer Barran who were also responsible for the Photography (Fox Talbot) Millennium 43p stamp of January 1999.

Dianthus Allwoodi  Dahlia Garden Princess
A Smilers Sheet of 1st class stamps will also be issued on this date; it is pictured at the foot of this page, after the postmarks.
miniature sheet of 6 stamps
2nd class Dianthus Allwoodi Group 1st class Dahlia Garden Princess
Clematis Arabella Miltonia French Lake
'E' rate Clematis Arabella 42p Miltonia French Lake
Lilium Leon Pixie  <i>Delphinium Clifford Sky
47p Lilium Leon Pixie 68p Delphinium Clifford Sky Miniature sheet of 6 values (this copy has a FD postmark)

Prestige Book

Pane 1 (below): contains Machin definitive 1st class gold, 42p and 47p stamps, and RHS logo label. Shown here with RHS Logo, Wisley, postmark E9101.
Pane 2: contains 2nd class, 'E' rate, and 68p RHS stamps. Shown here with Chelsea Flower Show L9116 postmark.

RHS Book Pane 1 RHS Book Pane 2

Pane 3 (below): contains 1st class flowers 'Greetings' stamps - Iris Latifolia, Tulipa, and Gentiana acaulis. Shown here with 'Flower Girl, Chelsea', postmark L9094.
Pane 4: contains 1st class and 47p RHS stamps. Shown here with Royal Horticultural Society 'Lily' postmark L9122.

RHS Book Pane 3 RHS Book Pane 4

Technical details:
The stamps and book are printed by Joh Enschede Security Printers. The Flowers Greetings stamps (pane 2) were originally printed by Walsall Security Print in booklets and Questa in Smilers Sheets. This is also the first printing of the 42p definitive by Enschede. The Smilers Sheet was probably printed by Walsall SP but this has not been confirmed.

All images are taken from Royal Mail's Philatelic Bulletin and Postmark Bulletin, and are Copyright 2004 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We have produced exclusive FDCs for the stamps, miniature sheet, Smilers stamp and set of 4 for the Prestige Book panes.
Prestige Book panes on set of 4 Norvic FDCs as shown above - Price 17.75

set of 6 RHS Bicentenary stamps on Norvic FDC with clematis design

Set of 6 on Norvic FDC with postmark L9105 (Chelsea Flower Show) or E9101 (RHS Logo, Wisley) - Price 7.25 each.
RHS Miniature sheet of stamps on Norvic FDC

Miniature sheet on Norvic FDC with Chelsea Flower Show postmark L9116 - Price 7.25
RHS Smilers strip of 5 stamps on Norvic Dahlia FDC 5 x Smilers stamps on Norvic Dahlia FDC with Gt Torrington Dahlia postmark - Price 5.50
RHS Smilers single stamp on Norvic Dahlia FDC Single Smilers stamp on Norvic FDC - 3.95 with RHS Logo Wisley postmark - Price 3.95

Also available:
Mint set of 6 stamps - 3.75 miniature sheet - 6.50
Prestige Book - 9.75
PO FDCs also available - please ask for details.
Smilers Sheet 9.75 - single stamp 0.75

These postmarks were available for the date of issue and all should be available on first day covers.

text text RHS logo RHS logo text
Ref FD417
Philatelic Bureau postmark - Tapestry flower bed design
Ref FD418
Wisley, Woking official postmark - Tapestry flower bed design
Ref L9091
RHS 200 Years, Chelsea, London SW3
Ref E9101
RHS 200 Years, Wisley, Woking, Surrey
Ref L9092
RHS 1804-2004 200 Years of Inspirational Gardening
Rose orchid orchid basket of flowers flowers
Ref M9096
Cultivated Flowers, Garden Close, Birmingham
Ref L9093
200 Years RHS 1804-2004 Chelsea, London
Ref L9095
200 Years RHS 1804-2004 Kew Gardens, Richmond, Surrey
Ref L9094
200 Years RHS 1804-2004 Flower Girl, Chelsea, London
Ref L9105
The Chelsea Flower Show, Chelsea Embankment, London SW3
miltonia (flower) lillium - lily (flower) dahlia (flower) dianthus (flower) rose
Ref L9123
'Miltonia', Chelsea, London SW3
Ref N9129
'Lilium' (Lily), Harrogate, N Yorkshire
Ref W9136
'Dahlia', Great Torrington, N Devon
Ref E9134
'Dianthus', Wisley, Woking, Surrey
Ref L9124
'rose' Wisley Road, London SW11
Delphinium (flower) clematis lily leaves leaves
Ref N9130
'Delphinium', Kuntsford, Cheshire
Ref E9135
'Clematis', Rettendon, Chelmsford
Ref L9122
Chelsea, London, SW3 (Lily)
Ref L9115
RHS First Day of Issue, Chelsea Flower Show
Ref L9116
RHS Chelsea Flower Show In use 24-28 May for the show
snail mole flowers
Ref L9090
RHS 1804-2004 Chelsea, London SW3
Ref N9097
The Glory of the Garden, Tatton Park, Knutsford
Ref L9119
Promoting Cut Flowers and Indoor Plants - Flowers & Plants Association London SW8

Smilers Sheet with 1st class dahlia stamp and cultivation instructions

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