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OCCASIONS - 'Entertaining Envelopes' - 3 February 2004

The fourth annual set of novelty stamps for Special Occasions will be issued on 3 February. These stamps are designed so that customers can use them to commemorate their own special events, but the latest designs are "more generic for wider use, rather than focussing on specific events". Royal Mail suggest that the images incorporate "ambiguous undertones" in that the duck stamp can be used to send somebody a bill.

set of 5 se-tenant 1st class greetings stamps

The stamp designs, based on the envelope, are by renowned Japanese artist Satoshi Kambayashi.

Personalised 'Smilers' sheets

The stamps are also available for personalisation, and a collectors' generic sheet was also produced. Click on the image for a larger version.

Technical details: .
The stamps are printed in lithography by De La Rue Security Print, perf 14.5 x 14, with PVA gum, in se-tenant strips of 5. Post Offices will sell sheets of 25; philatelic outlets will sell sheets of 50 (2 panes of 25).
The Smilers sheets are also printed by De La Rue.
All images except FDCs are taken from Royal Mail's Philatelic Bulletin and Postmark Bulletin, and are Copyright 2003/4 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We have produced exclusive covers for this issue. Details of covers, postmarks and prices will be shown here later.
Cover with horizontal strips of 5 stamps from sheets of 25 - 5.95. .
Occasions stamps on Norvic Philatelics exclusive first day cover available with postmarks E8946 or E8924
Cover with 5 stamps and labels from sheets of 20 - 6.95. These are vertical strips of 5, split to fit on the FDC.
Occasions stamps from Smilers sheet on Norvic Philatelics exclusive first day cover available with postmarks N8912 or E8924

Also available:
Set of 5 from ordinary sheets - 1.95.       Mint Smilers sheet - 7.95
PO FDCs also available - price on request.

These postmarks were available for the date of issue

'cartoon car' 'cartoon postbox' stag envelopes cartoon stamp
Ref FD303
Philatelic Bureau Official Postmark
Ref FD304
Official Postmark, Merry Hill, Wolverhampton
Ref E8923
Postling, Hythe, Kent
Ref E8924
Letter Box Lane, Sevenoaks, Kent
Ref N8912
Occaasions 2004, Laughterton, Lincoln
envelope and Valentine's card dancing couple dog with letter baby and letter hand & pen, writing 'Hello'
Ref N8917
Gretna Green, Carlisle
Ref M8910
Occasions - Valentine Road, Birmingham
Ref E8946
Occasions 2004, Lovington, Castle Cary
Ref E8947
Occasions 2004, Happisburgh, Norwich*
Ref E8948
Occasions 2004, Penn, High Wycombe
baby <<<<
Ref W8950
Occasions 2004, Babel Llandovery
letters flying round globe <<<<
Ref N8968
Occasions 2004, Newsome Huddersfield

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