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50th Anniversary of publication of 'The Lord of the Rings' by J R R Tolkien - 26 February 2004

Royal Mail commemorates the 50th anniversary of the publication of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers in 1954 with an issue of a block of 10 x 1st class stamps depicting drawings illustrating locations in the books. All the illustrations are by the author except for the map which is by his son Christopher.

block of 10 stamps featuring illustrations from The Lord of the Rings' by J R R Tolkien

Top Row: Map of Middle Earth from The Lord of the Rings (drawn by Christopher Tolkien); The Forest of Lothlorien (in spring); dust-jacket of The Fellowship of the Ring; Rivendell; The Hall at Bag-End (residence of Bilbo Baggins);
Bottom Row: Orthanc; Doors of Durin; Barad-Dr; Minas Tirith; Fangorn Forest.

The images are from Royal Mail's Stamp Preview, Postmark Bulletin, and Philatelic Bulletin, and are Copyright 2003/2004 by Royal Mail. The images are reproduced on the stamps by permission of the J R R Tolkien estate and the Bodleian Library, Oxford.

Technical details: The stamps, designed by HGV Design, are printed in se-tenant blocks of 10 in sheets of 30 and 60. They are printed in lithography by Walsall Security Print, perf 14.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We again have our own first day covers for this issue, and we think these are some of the best we have produced. There are two sets of designs. One pair is in pencil/charcoal by Mates Laurentiu, and the other pair by Lori Snowden is in pastel shades similar to the stamps.
In each case one cover has stamps depicting 'evil' and one has the 'good' stamps. The 'good' covers have postmark E8927 (Ringwould), and the Literary Legend Sarehole Mill postmark (M8967) is on the 'evil' covers. All the covers have individual descriptive inserts.
Norvic exclusive FDC for stamps for 50th Anniversary of publication of Lord of the Rings Norvic exclusive FDC for stamps for 50th Anniversary of publication of Lord of the Rings
Pair of Covers with 5 stamps on each - 15.50
Both pairs of covers as shown - 29.50
Also available
Mint set - 4.25
We also have a small number of Post Office FDCs with 10 stamps - 5.75

All prices exclude postage & packing. Please email us with any questions.

Special Day of Issue postmarks/cancels
These postmarks were available for the date of issue and all should be available on first day covers. However some will be more plentiful than others, and some may only be available on specific 'official covers', with a very few on PO fdcs in collections. It may be many years before these appear on the resale market.

JRRT Monogram tree - Tokien's design for dust jacket of 'The Return of The King' trees book & dagger unicorn
Ref FD405
Philatelic Bureau official first day of issue postmark showing JRRT monogram
Ref FD406
Official Oxford first day of issue postmark, showing drawing originally proposed by J.R.R. Tolkien for "Return of the King" dust jacket
Ref M8944
The Tolkien Society, Sarehole Mill, Birmingham
Ref M8945
An English Legend, Sarehole Mill, Birmingham (Book and sword)
Ref N8913
Enchanted World, the Art of Anne Sudworth, Lancaster

bow and arrow tree crow on branch, & sunrise/set elfin? trees
50th Anniversary Myth & Magic
Ref M8963
Arrow, Alcester
Ref N8969
Treeton, Rotherham
Ref N8970
Crow Bank, Wallsend
Ref S8972
Elphin, Lairg
Ref E8976
Forest Green, Dorking
wizard's hat horseman helmet & axe sun over mountains village
Ref E8977
Spellbrook, Bishop's Stortford
Ref E8978
Ryde, Isle of Wight
Ref W8982
Battlefield, Shrewsbury
Ref W8983
Mountain, Holyhead
Ref W8984
Shirehampton, Bristol

 ? rings, torc?  flower Scroll ornate design text
Ref M8964
Rings End, Guyhirn, Wisbech
Ref M8967
A literary legend, Sarehole Mill, Birmingham
Ref E8949
An English Legend, Oxford (Scroll)
Ref E8927
Ringwould, Deal, Kent
Ref E8979
Eagle and Child, The Meeting Place of the Inklings, Oxford
Public house/Inn
music - violin etc crow/raven/rook? text & Tolkien monogram mythological/fantasy creatures King Arthur
Ref L8899
Lords of the Strings, Django & Stephane, Lords Close, Feltham
Ref L8955
Ring Road, London W12
Ref L8956
First Day of Issue, Stampex The Lord of the Rings
Ref L8987
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892-1973) Middle Way, London SW16
Ref W8985 King Arthur's Labyrinth, Machynlleth - 10th Anniversary Labrinth y Brenin Arthur

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