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New Machin definitive & Country stamps - 29 March 2011

Royal Mail announced its annual stamp price rises in December which will take effect from 4 April 2011.  

Postage rate changes which take effect from 4 April - some over 12% - will require several new stamps. The basic inland rates will rise, 1st from 41p to 46p & 2nd class from 32p to 36p. There will be no 46p or 36p stamps as these rates are satisfied by the existing 1st class gold and 2nd class blue. The 'balancing' 10p in orange-brown continues in use.  

Presentation Pack - alert - scroll down!

Pre-issue images of new Machin definitives and images of actual stamps. The first show an irridiscent overprint but no year code.
The code is actually M11L (2011) - colour variation is partly due to scan settings.

new Machin 68p definitive stamp issued 29 March 2011.New 76p Machin definitive issued 29 March 2011.New Machin 1.10 definitive issued 29 March 2011.New Machin 1.65 definitive issued 29 March 2011.
Machin definitive 68p stamp issued 29 March 2011. 76p Machin definitive issued 29-3-11 1.10 Machin definitive issued 29-3-11. 1.65 Machin definitive stamp issued 29-3-11.
 England 68p & 1.10 stamps issued 29 march 2011.England 1.10 stamp issued 29 March 2011.
 Northern Ireland 68p & 1.10 stamps issued 29.3.11.
Scotland 68p & 1.10 stamps issued 29.3.11. Wales 68p & 1.10 stamps issued 29.3.11.


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The Country Definitive 68p & 1.10 values.  

These images are of the actual stamps showing the addition of the sign to the England top value.

The pre-release image  of the 1.10 has no '' sign - they were probably not printed in this way, but it would be interesting if they were.

The basic rates for Large Letters increase from 66p to 75p (1st class) and from 51p to 58p (2nd class) - satisfied by the existing NVIs. 

The difference between the 1st class and 1st class Large rates will be 29p (75p-46p) - requiring 4 stamps unless the 9p is retained.
The difference between the 2nd class and 2nd class Large rates will be 22p (58p-36p) - satisfied by the existing 20p & 2p stamps. 
The difference between the 2nd class Large and 1st class Large rates will be 17p (75p-58p) - satisfied by the existing 10p, 5p & 2p stamps.

The Recorded Delivery fee is increased to 77p from 75p, which means that the (small) letter stamp will rise to 1.23 (from 1.15) and the Large letter to 1.52 (from 1.40).

International rates also rise at this time:

Basic Europe rate 20gr and postcards: +8p to 68p blue-green and country stamps.  Earlier 'E' rate stamps still valid, as is the 20gr NVI issued last year.

Europe 40gr rate increases from 88p to 1 - existing 1 ruby-red.

Basic Worldwide rate  10gr and postcards: +9p to 76p - new stamp 76p pink.

Worldwide 20gr rate:  +13p to 1.10, new 1.10 sage-green and country stamps.

Worldwide 40gr rate: 1.65 up by 19p.   New 1.65 olive-brown

The Surface mail 20gr rate is increased from 58p to 66p, no new stamp has been created.

New Country Stamps valued 68p and 1.10 will be issued for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in existing designs and colours.

Effect on the Small Packet rate used by us to send packets of stamps around the world!

The basic 100gr rate rises from 1.31 to 1.49 for European destinations, and from 1.82 to 2.07 for the rest of the world.  Higher weights are similarly affected, of course. As an example the 260g rates rise from 2.37(E) and 3.96(W) to 2.49 & 4.06.
However, 300g rates are reduced and subsequent rate steps have been reduced with the new rates adding 55p and 1.11 for each 100g respectively for Europe and Worldwide (previously 12p, 11p or 10p (E) and 24p or 22p (W) for 20g steps).  See all the details in the Royal Mail rates pdf (see link at the top of the page).

Presentation Pack - alert!

This is what the presentation pack looks like.  All around the country packs are being sold from Post Offices without the low value stamps issued on 8 March.  This is a mistake in make-up by Royal Mail or their suppliers.  The price of the pack 5.10 includes the five low-value stamps worth 38p.  If you have bought a pack with only 4 stamps in, go back to the Post Office or phone Post Office Customer Services to complain - (on 08457 22 33 44*. Lines are open from 8.15am - 6.00pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am - 2.00pm Saturday.)  

Note that the stamps in the pack have been guillotined (possibly from coils) not torn from sheets.  The backing paper is thus much smaller than on the sheet stamps.  If your pack is missing the 1p - 20p stamps you want the guillotined ones to put in it, not stamps torn from sheets.

29 March 2011 definitive presentation pack.

Technical information

All the new Machin definitive stamps will be self-adhesive, printed by De La Rue in gravure in sheets of 25/50. They will have security cuts and the iridescent overprint.

The Country definitives will be litho printed on ordinarily gummed paper by Cartor Security Print ialso in sheets of 25/50.  They will have no security features.

Special postmarks available on the day of issue will be shown here.

   First Day pictorial Postmarks for Tallents House, & Windsor.                  First day postmark from London.
First day postmarks for Cardiff, Belfast & Edinburgh.
Non-pictorial postmarks for London, Edinburgh & Belfast.
Non-pictorial first day postmarks for Cardiff & Windsor.
Ref FD1114 - official pictorial FDI Windsor postmark

Ref FD1113 - official pictorial FDI Tallents House postmark

Ref FD1115 - official pictorial FDI London postmark

Ref FD1116 - official pictorial FDI Edinburgh postmark

Ref FD1117 - official pictorial FDI Cardiff postmark

Ref FD1118 - official pictorial FDI Belfast postmark

And co-located non-pictorial postmarks for all except Tallents House, same
reference numbers with suffix 'NP'
Belfast cds postmark. Cardiff cds postmark. Edinburgh cds postmark. Glasgow 2 cds postmark. Glasgow 10 cds postmark. Birmingham postmark showing Machin head of Queen Elizabeth II.
Ref S6039 - Belfast operational cds postmark Ref W6038 - Cardiff operational cds postmark Ref S6040 - Edinburgh operational cds postmark Ref S6041 - Glasgow 2
operational cds postmark
Ref S6042 - Glasgow 10
operational cds postmark
A postmark similar to this is available on
29 March from the Midland Special Handstamp Centre but the number has
not yet been announced.
Cardiff postmark. Edinburgh postmark. Belfast permanent postmark. Windsor Castle postmark. Additionally, any postmarks available on this date may also be applied to FDCs
- see Permanent postmarks and Other one-day postmarks

Ref W5097 - Cardiff permanent handstamp. Ref S4653 - Edinburgh permanent handstamp. Ref S4641 - Belfast permanent handstamp. Ref E4680 - Windsor Castle, Royal Mail permanent handstamp

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This page updated 1 April 2011 

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