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Centenary of Aerial Post Miniature Sheet & Prestige Stamp Book - 9 September 2011

There are many claims for the first aerial post flight, but the first authorised United Kingdom Aerial Post took place on Saturday 9 September 1911, from Hendon to Windsor by Gustav Hamel.

Royal Mail is issuing a miniature sheet and prestige stamp book to commemorate the this anniversary

miniature sheet issued to mark the centenary of the first UK Aerial Post.

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Miniature sheet

The stamps are in chronological
order of the story of the day on a background of the original poster.

1st class - Hamel received first mailbag
68p - Hamel ready to leave Hendon
1.00 - Gresswell's Bleriot at Windsor
1.10 - Airmail delivered at Windsor

Publicity images believed to be of actual panes.
First UK Aerial Post PSB pane 1. First UK Aerial Post PSB pane 2. First UK Aerial Post PSB pane 3. First UK Aerial Post PSB pane 4.
Prestige Stamp Book

Pane 1: Machin definitives.
1st class - 5p - 76p
5p - Downey head label - 5p
76p - 5p - 1st class

Pane 2: 1st class, 1.10, 1st aerial post stamps; envelope and stationery in violet.

Pane 3: 68p 1.00 68p; pictures of the Farmon III & Bleriot XI aeroplanes.

Pane 4: 4 x 50p Wilding  Windsor Castle stamps;  newspaper and magazine reports of the flight.

The total face value is 9.12 and the selling price 9.99

For the pre-production publicity images we showed earlier, please click here.

With the prestige bookpanes now to hand we can show the new Machin definitive stamps with MPIL & M11L codes. Note that the 5p has no security overlay and none of the stamps has security slits, being on PVA gum.

76p, 5p & 1st class stamps from Aerial Post Centenary PSB.76p Machin definitive from Aerial Post Centenary PSB showing security overprint.

Technical details: The MS, containing 41 x 30mm stamps is designed by Robert Maude and Sarah Davies.  The 146 x 74mm sheet is printed in litho by Cartor Security Printing.  Perf 14.5 x 14, all over phosphor.

The Prestige Stamp Book is also designed by Robert Maude and Sarah Davies, and written by Peter Lister, President of the British Air Mail Society.  
Preliminary information has a note against pane 4 "(intaglio)", but the printing process is described as "Lithography, except pane 1 which is gravure", and the printer is identified as Cartor Security Printing.  However, we know that Cartor do not have gravure capability, so pane 1 will probably be printed by Walsall, especially if self-adhesive.  So pane 4 will be intaglio, as was the 2005 Castles miniature sheet, which was printed by Enschede.  We await the final product with interest to see who printed which panes!   The latest information we have is:

The four panes are.  A three-stamp aerial post pane, featuring a 1.10p stamp flanked by two 1st Class stamps; a second three-stamp pane with a 1 stamp flanked by two 68p stamps; * a four-stamp pane of 50p Windsor Castle stamps, re-issued from the 2005 set of high-value definitives stamps, and printed intaglio.   The fourth pane of mixed Machins comprises of eight stamps printed by lithography: four 5p, two 1st class (top left and bottom right), two 76p (bottom left and top right), with the three-quarter portrait of George V by Downey in the middle. The main background image is a detail from a 1911 poster advertising the Coronation Aerial Post.  Another source says that the Machin pane will have ordinary gum.  We shall find out in about a month when we get the actual books!  Update: 1st class gold and 76p stamps have security overprint with MPIL M11L code.

* Although previously issued the Windsor Castle stamp should have full catalogue status because the earlier version was issued in a miniature sheet with 3 others.

Copyright 2011 by Royal Mail.

Products available:

Miniature sheet
First Day Cover
Presentation Pack
Set of 5 Stamp Cards 
Prestige Stamp Booklet

Special Postmarks
Postmarks available for the day of issue are shown here, others may be added.  (May not be to scale, cannot be obtained after 9.9.11)

postmark illustrated aerial post logo. postmark illustrated 1911 First United Kingdom Aerial Post postmark. Hendon non-illustrated postmark.  Postmark showing early monoplane and Stampex logo. Postmark illustrated with an early biplane.
Ref FD1131
Official Philatelic Bureau FDI.
Ref FD1132
Official Hendon FDI postmark showing 1911 postmark.
Ref FD1132NP
Official Hendon non-pictorial FDI postmark
Ref L12230 First Aerial Post Centenary Stampex 2011, Windsor Berkshire Ref L12231
First Aerial Post Centenary, Hendon, Middlesex
postmark illustrated logo of the Royal Aeronautical Society. postmark illustrated with logo of the RAF Museum. postmark illustrated with PTS logo. Postmark showing buplane over Windsor Castle. Postmark showing Windsor Castle.
Ref L12228 Centenary of First Aerial Post Royal Aeronautical Society, London W1 Ref L12229 Centenary of First Aerial Post Royal Air Force Museum Hendon GBFDC Association AGM Ref N12235 Centenary of First Aerial Post PTS Aerodrome Road, Hendon, London  Ref M12232 Windsor View, Birmingham Ref L4680
Royal Mail Windsor permanent postmark.
Exhibition Study Group flag postmark. Postmark showing Bleriot XI monoplane. Postmark showing Bleriot XI monoplane. Postmark showing plane and control tower. Postmark showing detail of early plane and pilots.
Ref L12243 Coronation Centenary, Exhibition Study Group, Crystal Palace, London Ref L12238 1911 UK Aerial Post Centenary, Hendon, London NW4
Collect GB First Day Covers The Booth Catalogue 30th Edition
Ref L12239 Windsor Berkshire Ref L12240 Aerodrome Road, London NW9 (Hendon) Ref L12241 London NW9 (Hendon)
Postmark showing plane and profile of King George V. Postmark showing aircraft and steam locomotive.
Postmark showing airliner. space intenrtionally blank space intenrtionally blank
Ref L12242 Windsor Berkshire. Ref L12281 Air-Railway Post Centenary, Windsor, Berkshire Ref L12282 - Dartford, Kent

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