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Crown Jewels - 23 August 2011

2011 marks the 350th Anniversary of the coronation of King Charles II. As most of the crown jewels had been broken up during the time of the Cromwell’s Commonwealth a new set had to be created for the occasion. The only piece shown here that pre-dates Charles’s coronation is the anointing spoon.

While many nations have royal jewels, the British Crown Jewels are unique. Known around the world as a dazzling collection of objects representing royal sovereignty, the Crown Jewels are also remarkable due to their continuity of use: the collection is still used in a coronation ceremony that has changed little in a thousand years.

Crown Jewesl stamp - the sovereign's SceptreCrown Jewesl stamp - St Edwards Crown.  Crown Jewesl stamp - Rod & Sceptre with doves.Crown Jewesl stamp - Queen mary's Crown. 
Crown Jewesl stamp - the sovereign;s Orb.Crown Jewesl stamp - Jewelled Sword of offering. Crown Jewesl stamp - Imperial State CrownCrown jewels stamps - Coronation Spoon.

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1st class:
1st Class – The Sovereigns Sceptre with Cross and St Edward’s Crown

Rod & Sceptre with Doves and Queen Mary’s Crown

The Sovereign’s Orb and The Jewelled Sword of Offering

Imperial State Crown and Coronation Spoon

The stamps in detail

1st Class – The Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross
From 1661 and so called because it is surmounted by a cross. In 1905, it was redesigned to incorporate the Great Star of Africa, the second largest cut diamond in the world. During the coronation, the monarch bears the sceptre with the cross in the right hand.

1st Class – St Edward’s Crown
Again from 1661 the cross has 444 precious stones and is the one with which monarchs are crowned when they ascend the throne. This is the one reputed to have been made with gold recovered from the throne of Alfred the Great.

68p – Rod & Sceptre with Doves
Again 1661 it is topped with a dove symbolizing the Holy Ghost. During the coronation, the monarch bears the sceptre with the dove in the left hand. The smaller of the two sceptres with the closed wings of the dove is used by the Monarch’s consort.

68p – Queen Mary’s Crown
The Crown of Queen Mary was the consort crown of Mary of Teck, Queen Consort of King George V. It was manufactured for the coronation of George and Mary in 1911. Since Queen Mary’s death on March 24, 1953 her consort crown has remained unworn

76p – The Sovereign’s Orb
The Orb was created for the coronation of King Charles II in 1661. It is a hollow gold sphere weighing 42 ounces. The Orb is a religious symbol; it represents the Monarch’s role as defender of the faith and as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

76p – The Jeweled Sword of Offering
The Jewelled Sword of Offering was made for the Coronation of King George IV. It is the only sword actually presented to the Sovereign during the Coronation (by the Archbishop of Canterbury, to signify that the royal power is at the service of the church).

£1.10 – Imperial State Crown
The Imperial State Crown was made in 1937 for King George VI. Among the stones are several famous ones, including the Black Prince’s Ruby and the Cullinan II diamond, also known as the Lesser Star of Africa. It is worn after the conclusion of the Coronation ceremony when the monarch leaves Westminster Abbey and at the annual State Opening of Parliament.

£1.10 – Coronation Spoon
Dating from the 13th century the spoon was the only part of the royal regalia to escape destruction by Cromwell. At the coronation ceremony it is used to annoint the sovereign with holy oil.
Technical details:
The 37 x 35mm stamps are designed by Purpose and printed in lithography by Cartor Security Printing, perf 14 x 14.5, with 'a phosphor background screen' in sheets of 25/50.
Acknowledgements:  The Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross, St Edward’s Crown, Queen Mary’s Crown, The Sovereign’s Orb, and Coronation Spoon, The Royal Collection © 2011 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II;
Rod and Sceptre with Doves, Jewelled Sword of Offering and Imperial State Crown © HM Queen Elizabeth II, 2001, photography by Prudence Cuming Associates;

Products issued

Set of 8 stamps mint
Presentation Pack 
Set of 8 stamp cards
First Day Cover
Restoration of the Monarchy Coin Cover

Special first day of issue postmarks are shown here, others will be added later (not to scale - caannot be obtained after date of use).

official first day postmark showing orb. official first day postmark illustrated with crown. official non-pictorial London EC3 postmark. Postmark showing a raven from the Tower of London. Postmark with text as shown.
Ref FD1129
Philatelic Bureau Official First Day postmark.
Ref FD1130
Official London EC3 First Day postmark. 
Ref FD1130NP  
London EC3 non-pictorial FD postmark
Ref L12218 The Crown Jewels, The Tower of London, London EC3
Ref L12220 The Crown Jewels, London SW1

Postmark showing the Tower of London. Postmark showing corwn jewels. Postmark showing Charleville Church. Postmark showing Rotary logo and London skyline.

Ref L12221 Tower Hill, London EC3 Ref M12222
Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham
Ref L12216 Charleville 350 Years, Charleville Road, London W14 Ref L12217 Rotary Club of London, 1911-2011 London NW1

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