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Dathlu Cymru - Celebrating Wales: Miniature Sheet - 26 February 2009

Royal Mail's 'grand tour' around the UK comes to an end with Celebrating Wales, the fourth and final miniature sheet in the series, The Four Countries of the UK.   The sheet contains four stamps: three have been specially created for the issue, including two long-format stamps featuring St David and the National Assembly for Wales building, floodlit, on Cardiff Bay.

Celebrating Wales Stamp Miniature sheet
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Technical details:
Designed by Silk Pearce, the sheet is printed by De La Rue Security Print in lithography. Dimensions: 123mm x 70mm.   The original 1st class Wales definitive was designed by Tutssels Enterprise IG and the dragon was forged in Welsh steel by brothers Toby and Gideon Petersen.   81p St David designed by Claire Melinsky; 1st class Welsh National Flag by Peter Crowther Associates Ltd. 81p National Assembly for Wales, photograph The Photolibrary Wales/Alamy.   Background photograph: Harlech Castle, Snowdonia David Noton Photography/Alamy

All stamp and postmark images are copyright 2009, Royal Mail.

First Day Covers

We will produce a limited number of Norvic First Day Covers for this issue price - 6.95 each which will be offered first to customers who have purchased the previous covers in the series.  

Norvic FDC for Celebrating Wales miniature sheet.

Wales 1st class definitive stamp with red dragon instead of silver, from publicity images for Celebrating Wales MS.Products issued
Miniature sheet 
Sheet on PO fdc 
Set of 5 Stamp Cards
Presentation Pack 

Note: these publicity images of the FDC and presentation pack show the dragon on the original 1st class Wales country definitive in red, instead of silver. This was an error - a bigger image is shown above. (We think it is quite good!)
Royal Mail Celebrating Wales miniature sheet first day cover.Royal Mail Celebrating Wales Presentation Pack.

Special Postmarks available on the day of this issue will be shown here; others will be added as they are announced.
These images may not be to scale.
Tallents House Postmark with text as below. St Davids/Tyddewi Postmark with text as below. St Davids/Tyddewi, non-pictorial official postmark. Cardiff permanent postmark. Cardiff operational postmark.
Ref FD907 - Official Bureau postmark, All Wales is a Sea of Song . Ref FD908
Tyddewi/St Davids 'Cymru am Byth!/Wales For ever!'
Ref FD980NP
Tyddewi/St Davids non-pictorial official Postmark
Ref W5097
Cardiff permanent postmark
Ref W6038
Cardiff operational cds postmark
Postmark showing Welsh dragon. Postmark showing celtic cross. postmark showing dragon. postmark showing dragon cartoon. Stampex postmark showing dragon on stamp.
Ref W11277
Celebrating Wales - Cardiff
Ref W11278
Celebrating Wales, St David's, Dyfed
Ref W11280 Saint David's Day St Davids Pembrokeshire
(St David's Day is 1 March!)
Ref W11282
Celebrating Wales
Ref L11272 - Spring Stampex, Dathlu Cymru Celebrating Wales
postmark showing Welsh dragon flag. Postmark showing locomotive wheel. Postmark showing steam train in Wales. Postmark showing dragon.

Ref M11276
St Davids Drive, Birmingham
Ref W11279
Great Little Trains of Wales, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd
Ref W11300
The Great Little Trains of Wales, Tywyn, Gwynedd
Ref W11301
Celebrating Wales

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This page updated 17 March 2009

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