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Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution - stamp issue 10 March 2009

Two hundred and fifty years ago a set of innovative technologies and brilliant individuals came together to propel the United Kingdom to the forefront of the Industrial Revolution. Britain was changed forever as people moved from the countryside into the towns looking for jobs in factories and mills of the Workshop of the World.

The Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution shown in this new set of stamps from Royal Mail did more than just invent machines. They also built the infrastructure of roads, railways and canals that moved raw materials to the factories; took finished goods to market and laid the foundation for today’s mass transportation system.  This issue also marks the 250th anniversary of  Josiah Wedgwood setting up his own pottery works in Burslem, Staffordshire, Matthew Boulton’s bicentenary and the 250th anniversary of James Brindley commencing the historic Bridgewater Canal from Worsley to Manchester.

Set of 6 stamps showing Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution in Britain.
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Shown on the stamps:
1st  Matthew Boulton – Manufacturing &  James Watt – Steam Engineering
50p  Richard Arkwright – Textiles &  Josiah Wedgwood – Ceramics
56p  George Stephenson – Railways &  Henry Maudslay – Machine Making
72p  James Brindley – Canal Engineering &  John McAdam – Road Building

The stamps and people in detail

1st Class – Matthew Boulton – Manufacturing
(1728-1809) A Birmingham factory owner and engineer whose works and capital facilitated the manufacture of James Watt’s steam engines.

1st Class – James Watt – Steam Engineering
(1736-1819) Strong contender for the title of father of the steam age because of his years of hard work in improving the Newcomen design created a ‘steam engine’.

50p – Richard Arkwright – Textiles
(1732-1792) Credited with having invented the ‘water frame’ for spinning cotton, and sometimes known as the father of the industrial revolution. Arkwright opened the world’s first water-powered cotton mill in Derbyshire.

50p – Josiah Wedgwood – Ceramics
(1730-1795) Wedgwood not only pioneered the industrial production of ceramics, he was an archetypical industrialist of the age: religious dissenter, anti-slavery campaigner and member of the Lunar Society.

56p – George Stephenson – Railways
(1781-1848) Stephenson invented or developed several aspects of rail transport which are still with us to this day, including flanged wheels, and the standard gauge.

56p – Henry Maudslay – Machine Making
(1771-1831). Maudslay saw that the new age of machines would require metal to be worked with precision. He pioneered the making of the machines – lathes, drills, planning machines, etc. which were used to make the other machines of the revolution.

72p – James Brindley – Canal Engineering
(1716-1772) One of the most important engineers of the eighteenth century and a maker of canals, most notably the Bridgewater, started in 1759, which set the template for later canals. Brindley also pioneered many of the techniques that were later used in railway building.

72p – John McAdam – Road Building
(1756-1836). While Thomas Telford is usually the major celebrity of Industrial Revolution transport infrastructure, it was McAdam’s designs and building techniques that created Britain’s first decent all-weather roads.

Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution Presentation Pack.

Technical details:

The stamps were designed by Webb and Webb. The 37mm x 35mm stamps are printed in sheets of 30/60 by Joh. Enschedé Stamps, Haarlem, Netherlands in litho, perf 14 x 14½ with all-over phosphor.

Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution Royal Mail first day cover.Products issued: 

Set of 6 stamps mint 
Presentation Pack  
Set of 6 on Royal Mail FDC 
Set of 6 Stamp Cards unused 

Special Postmarks
Postmarks available for the day of issue are shown below - more may be added. These are not to scale due to using different scanners.

Postmark showing cogwheels.
Postmark with text as below.
Non-pictorial Cinderford postmark.
Postmark showing factory.
Postmark showing features of Saltaire Mill.
Ref FD909
Philatelic Bureau Official Postmark
Ref FD910
Steam Mills, Cinderford Official Postmark
Ref FD910NP
Steam Mills, Cinderford Official non-pictorial Postmark
Ref M11295
Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution, Birmingham
Ref N11297
The Industrial Revolution, Saltaire, W Yorks.
Postmark showing ceramic urn.
Postmark showing George Stephenson's "Locomotion".
Postmark showing locomotive wheel.
Postmark showing steaming teapot on rails!.
Postmark in shape of cog wheel.
Ref M11296
Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
Ref N11298
Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution, Darlington
(Stephenson's Locomotion)
Ref N11299
George Stephenson Industrial Pioneer, Shildon Co Durham
Ref M11294
Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution, Dudley
Ref L11290
Industry Terrace, London SW9
Postmark with portrait of James Brindley. Postmark showing electronic valve.
Postmark showing factory building.
Postmark showing Stephenson's Rocket locomotive.

Ref M11293
Industrial Revolution, Brindley Wharf, Birmingham
Ref L11289
Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution, Bletchley Park PO, Milton Keynes
Ref L11305
Pioneers of Industrial Revolution, London
Ref M11309
Stephenson Drive, Birmingham, (Stephenson's Rocket)

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