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Christmas - 3 November 2009

As usual Royal Mail will issue a set of Christmas stamps, a miniature sheet and a Smilers Sheet.  This year's designs show stained glass windows, a theme previously used in 1971 & 1992.  

Tthe two 2007 Madonna stamps will also be reissued this year to provide an alternative, though that hardly seems necessary given the religious nature of the main set!

Christmas 2009 set of 7 - stained glass.
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Details of designs:

2nd class: Angel by William Morris, Church of St James, Staveley, Kendal

1st class: Madonna and Child by Henry Holiday, Ormesby St Michael, Ormesby, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

56p: Joseph by Henry Holiday, Parish Church of St Michael, Minehead, Somerset

90p: Wise Man by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, St Mary the Virgin, Rye, East Sussex

£1.35: Shepherd by Henry Holiday, St Mary's Upavon, Wiltshire

Bethlehem official FD postmark Christmas 2009.

Bethlehem alternative official FD postmark.

Miniature Sheet on Royal Mail First Day Cover with Bureau FD postmark.

Christmas 2009 miniature sheet on FDC.

Madonna - 2007 stamps reissued
The two Madonna & Child stamps feature two classic paintings of the image, printed by De La Rue on self-adhesive paper in sheets of 50.

2nd class - William Dyce, c. 1827.
1st Class - The Madonna of Humility, Lippo di Dalmasio, c. 1390-1400. 

Technical details:
The stamps were designed by Andrew Ross and printed in gravure by De La Rue Security Print in sheets of 50.  The individual stamps are self-adhesive, the miniature sheet is conventionally gummed.  Booklets of 12 x 1st class and 12 x 2nd class 'stained glass' stamps will also be sold, as well as a reissue of the 2006 standard and bilingual Welsh/English airletter. 

Smilers Sheet

The Smilers® Sheet contains 20 stamps: 8 x 1st class, 8 x 2nd class and 2 each of the two airmail rate stamps, 56p & 90p.   This extension to the Smilers range may be welcomed by people who want to Personalise stamps for overseas mail but this arrangement means that there are only two sets per sheet, rather than 4 in previous years.  Collectors of Smilers singles are advised to place their orders early to avoid disappointment!

The Smilers sheets are printed in litho by Cartor Security Printers and includes extracts of the Christmas Story from the Gospel According to Luke.

Royal Mail Christmas stamps 2008 - Smilers Sheet.

Christmas 2009 presentation pack.

Products issued:  These will be added to our online shop as soon as possible.
Post Office FDC with a
Post Office FDC with the miniature sheet 
Set of 7 stamps & miniature sheet 
Pair of 2007 Madonna & Child stamps
Presentation Pack 
Set of 8 mint stamp cards (PHQ cards)
Smilers Sheet: Mint Smilers Sheet 

Special postmarks available on the Day of Issue will be shown below: these postmarks cannot be obtained from the PO after 3 November.

Postmark: with text as below. Postmark: Praying Hands text in English & Welsh. Postmark: first day of issue Bethlehem, also in Welsh. Postmark showing floor plan of Westminster cathedral. Postmark showing York Glaziers Trust logo.
Ref FD929
Official Bureau postmark
Every Colour Ought to Encourage Prayer
Ref FD930
Official Bethlehem postmark
Ref FD930N
Official Bethlehem non-pictorial postmark
Ref L11535 Building Appeal
Westminster Cathedral, London
Ref L11546
York Glaziers Trust, York
Postmark showing Stained Glass Angel by William Morris, Church of St James, Staveley. Postmark showing stained glass Madonna and Child by Henry Holiday, Ormesby St Michael, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Postmark showing stained glass Joseph by Henry Holiday, Parish Church of St Michael, Minehead. Postmark showing stained glass Wise Man by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, St Mary the Virgin, Rye. Postmark showing stained glass Shepherd by Henry Holiday, St Mary's Upavon.
Ref N11544 Staveley, Kendal Ref L11534 Ormesby, Gt Yarmouth Ref W11547 Minehead, Somerset Ref L11532 Rye, East Sussex Ref L11533 Upavon, Pewsey
Postmark showing stained glass window. Postmark showing angels. Postmark showing religious symbols. Postmakr showing angels. Postmark showing stained glass window.
Ref L11538 The Stained Glass Museum,
Ely, Cambs
Ref L11539 - Christmas London Ref L11537 Christmas Lane, Farnham, Surrey
With loving greetings to all who are good at heart
Ref M11541 Noel Avenue, Birmingham Ref N11545
Staining, Blackpool
Postmark showing stained glass window. <<< Ref M11542 Christmas 2009
Glossop Derbyshire
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Postmark showing angel. <<< Ref W11548
Bethlehem, Llandeilo
In use 3 November - 19 December

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