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Royal Navy Uniforms - 17 September 2009

The third and final set of Military Uniforms highlights the history of clothing and equipment of the Royal Navy.

The series, which began in 2007 with the British Army and continued in 2008 with Royal Air Force, looks at more than two centuries of nautical apparel from the Senior Service; from a telescope-touting Admiral of 1795 to the high-tech, high visibility uniform of a modern day Flight Deck Officer.

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Strip of 3 x 90p stamps showing Royal Navy Uniforms.

The stamps in detail

1st Class – Flight Deck Officer 2009
High visibility clothing is essential on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.

1st Class - Captain 1941
Keeping warm and dry on convoy duty during World War II often meant supplementing uniform issue with extra clothing.

1st Class - Second Officer WRNS 1918
Women fulfilled a vital role during both world wars, here a Women’s Royal Navy Service Officer demonstrates how to use a gas mask.

90p - Rest of World airmail up to 20gm - Able Seaman 1880
The familiar uniform for seamen became standardized in the 19th Century.

90p - Rest of World airmail up to 20gm - Royal Marine 1805
The Royal Marines served both on ship and in land engagements, like their Army counterparts they were issued with the typical Red Coat of the period.

90p - Rest of World airmail up to 20gm - Admiral 1795
Officers were the first naval personnel to wear uniform, rank was shown with gold lace.

Prestige Stamp Book:  Royal Navy Uniforms

Panes from Royal Mail's Royal Navy Uniforms Prestige Stamp Book.

The book contains four panes:
Pane 1: 3 x 90p stamps appear on a background painting of the Battle of Trafalgar;
Pane 2: 3 x 1st class Uniforms stamps on a background of gold braiding;
Pane 3: 4 x 17p, 2 x1p, 2 x 90p, with an illustration of a Royal Navy Chaplain's stole crown. The stamps are on a background of a Royal Navy jacket with cuff;
Pane 4: two 1st Class White Ensign stamps and two 1st Class Jolly Roger stamps (first issued in 2001) set side by side twice on a background photograph of a submarine and submariners.

Technical details: 
The 27 x 37mm stamps are designed by Atelier Works and printed in lithography by Cartor Security Printing, perf 14, with phosphor bands in sheets of 30/60.
The PSB was written by Tim Newark, designed by Webb and Webb and printed by Cartor Security Printing.  This means that the Machin definitives and flags stamps are new (the flags stamps previously being printed by Questa, although the White Ensign was printed by Cartor in a Smilers Sheet, and by De La Rue for the 2008 James Bond prestige stamp book.)

First Day cover and cover of Prestige Stamp Book:

First Day Cover for Royal Navy Uniforms issue. Cover of Prestige Stamp Book.

Products issued

Set of 6 stamps mint
Presentation Pack 
Set of 6 stamp cards mint 
Set of 6 on Royal Mail FDC

Special first day of issue postmarks are shown here. These cannot be obtained after 17 September unless on FDCs that we have in stock. Not to scale.

official 17 September postmark showing gold braid. official 17 September Portsmouth postmark with text as shown below. official 17 September non-pictorial Portsmouth postmark. Postmark showing ship's wheel. Official Stampex First Day of Issue Postmark showing anchor.
Ref FD925
Philatelic Bureau Official First Day postmark.
Ref FD926
Official Portsmouth First Day postmark. "Heart of oak are our ships, heart of oak are our men." David Garrick (1717-79)
Ref FD926N
Portsmouth non-pictorial FD postmark
Ref L11469
Royal Navy Uniforms, Greenwich, London SE10
Ref L11478
Autumn Stampex, First Day of Issue, Royal Navy Uniforms
postmark showing anchor Postmark showing logo of Western Approaches Museum, Liverpool. Postmark showing logo of Historical Maritime Society. Postmark showing portrait of Admiral Lord Nelson. Postmark showing HMS Warrior, Historic Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth.
Ref L11479
Nelson Place, London N1
Ref N11489
British Naval Uniforms, Western Approaches Liverpool - (GBFDC Association AGM2009)
Ref N11490
British Naval Uniforms, Historical Maritime Society*, Todmorden
(* Naval re-enactors)
Ref L11480
Royal Navy Uniforms, Portsmouth
Ref L11473
The Historic Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth, HMS Warrior, the first iron-hulled warship.
Postmark showing anchor. Postmark showing Naval officers. Postmark showing naval crest. Postmark showing white ensign. Postmark showing anchor.
Ref L11472
200th Anniversary Admiralty Library, Portsmouth.
Ref M11488
Admirals Way, Rowley Regis
Ref S11491
Faslane, Argyll & Bute (Naval base)
Ref W11492
Devonport (Naval Base), Plymouth
Ref L11471
Royal Navy Uniforms, Portsmouth

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This page updated 8 September 2009

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