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New Machin definitive & Country stamps - 30 March 2010

Postage rate changes which take effect from 6 April - some over 7% - will require several new stamps. The basic inland rates will rise, 1st from 39p to 41p & 2nd class from 30p to 32p. There will be no 41p or 32p stamps as these rates are satisfied by the existing 1st class gold and 2nd class blue. The 'balancing' 9p in orange continues in use.  
Click here for Royal Mail's Tariff Changes pages (for a pdf file).

These images of the actual 60p - 1.46 and airmail stamps confirm that they are without security features, despite those features being present on the lower value 50p and 1 stamps!

Images of actual valued Machin definitives.

new Machin definitive stamps issued 30 March 2010.

    20 gram airmail stamps issued 30 March 2010. Machin 20gramme airmail stamps issued 30 March 2010 publicity photo wrongly inscribed 40gr.

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20gr airmail stamps
The actual stamps (marked 20gr) show that although the colour of the Worldwide stamp is quite close to that of the 67p, the Europe stamp is quite unlike the 60p, and matches the colour of the booklet cover (see below).

This is in marked contrast to the publicity images (marked 40gr).   
 Country definitive stamps to be issued 30 March 2010.
The Country Definitive 60p & 97p values.  

These images are of the actual stamps, and therefore show the stamps in the colours with which we are familiar!
Publicity image of 30 March 2010 Machin presentation pack mock-up. Machin Presentation pack 2010.

A new Presentation Pack will be issued 30 March containing the five new normal Machins, the two 20gr airmail stamps, and the two Recorded Signed For stamps issued last November. (This is, of course, a mock-up)

NOTE: the 20gr stamps included in the pack are on plain white card and are not die-cut from booklets. We are told that at present there are no plans in Royal Mail for these to be sold separately as the 40gr and postcard stamps were.

Another pack will contain the 8 new Country Stamps.

20gr airmail booklets issued 30 March 2010. Airmail 20 gram booklets, showing the position of the cylinder numbers.  The phosphor cylinder number (also W1) is in the white space below the green W1.

The basic rates for Large Letters increase from 61p to 66p (1st class) and from 47p to 51p (2nd class) - satisfied by the existing NVIs. 

The difference between the 1st class and 1st class Large rates will be 25p (66p-41p) - satisfied by the existing 20p & 5p stamps.
The difference between the 2nd class and 2nd class Large rates will be 19p (51p-32p) - satisfied by the existing 10p & 9p* stamps. 
The difference between the 2nd class Large and 1st class Large rates will be 15p (66p-15p) - satisfied by the existing 10p & 5p stamps.
(* However the 9p stamp is only being sold until exhaustion. When it is sold out, 4 stamps will be required to make up the difference!)

The Recorded Delivery fee is reduced from 75p to 74p, which means that the (small) letter stamp will rise to 1.15 (from 1.14) and the Large letter to 1.40 (from 1.36).

International rates also rise at this time:

Basic Europe rate 20gr and postcards: +4p to 60p emerald green and country stamps, and new 20gr airmail NVI.  Earlier 'E' rate stamps still valid, now twice their original value!

Europe 40gr rate increases from 81p to 88p - new 88p shocking pink and 20gr NVI airmail NVI stamp.

Basic Worldwide rate  10gr and postcards: +5p to 67p - new stamp 67p 'amethyst'.

Worldwide 20gr rate:  +7p to 97p, new 97p mauve and country stamps, and new 20gr airmail NVI.

Worldwide 40gr rate: 1.46 up by 9p.   New 1.46 dark turquoise.

The Surface mail 20gr rate is increased from 54p to 58p, no new stamp has been created.

New Country Stamps valued 60p and 97p will be issued for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in existing designs.

Technical information

All the new Machin definitive and country stamps will be printed by De La Rue in gravure, in sheets of 200. 

The 20gr airmail booklets are printed by Walsall Security Printers Ltd.

Special postmarks available on the day of issue will be shown here.

   First Day pictorial Postmarks for Tallents House, Windsor, London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff. Ref FD1013 - official pictorial FDI Tallents House postmark

Ref FD1014 - official pictorial FDI Windsor postmark

Ref FD1015 - official pictorial FDI London postmark

Ref FD1018 - official pictorial FDI Belfast postmark
Ref FD1016 - official pictorial FDI Edinburgh postmark

Ref FD1017 - official pictorial FDI Cardiff postmark

And co-located non-pictorial postmarks for all except Tallents House Edinburgh

Belfast cds postmark. Cardiff cds postmark. Edinburgh cds postmark. Glasgow 2 cds postmark. Glasgow 10 cds postmark. Birmingham postmark showing Machin head of Queen Elizabeth II.
Ref S6039 - Belfast operational cds postmark Ref W6038 - Cardiff operational cds postmark Ref S6040 - Edinburgh operational cds postmark Ref S6041 - Glasgow 2
operational cds postmark
Ref S6042 - Glasgow 10
operational cds postmark
Ref M11686
Queen Elizabeth Road, Birmingha,
Cardiff postmark. Edinburgh postmark. Belfast permanent postmark. Windsor Castle postmark. Additionally, any postmarks available on this date may also be applied to FDCs
- see Permanent postmarks and Other one-day postmarks

Ref W5097 - Cardiff permanent handstamp. Ref S4653 - Edinburgh permanent handstamp. Ref S4641 - Belfast permanent handstamp. Ref E4680 - Windsor Castle, Royal Mail permanent handstamp

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This page updated 23 March 2010

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