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Halley's Comet Commemorative Sheet: 18 May 2010

Royal Mail will issue a commemorative sheet of 10 stamps with appropriate labels and illustrated border, in an illustrated folder, on the centenary of the first photographed passing of Halley's Comet.

Royal Mail have said that these commemorative sheets will be used "... to mark anniversaries that never quite made it into the stamp programme." They are A4 in size (210 x 297mm) similar to the Smilers Sheets sold at Stampex, and those commissioned by businesses. Whilst these were originally intended to be used by businesses they are now mainly produced for sale to sports fans, film fans, and collectors of general memorabilia. Being specially commissioned, 'Business Smilers' always have an intitial selling price well over face value, and often (but not always) command a considerable premium on resale.

The Royal Mail Commemorative Sheets consist of 10 x 1st class stamps, with commemorative labels and a commemorative border.  Because these sheets are sold at a premium over face value they will not be listed in most stamp catalogues, but we understand they will be listed in the Smilers Catalogue under the 'Commemorative Sheet' heading.

Royal Mail Commemorative Sheet Halley's Coment.

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Technical details:

The sheet is designed by the Purpose design agency will be printed by Cartor Security Printing. 

It is A4 size, 297 x 210mm. The Union Flag stamps appear to be as previously issued and are litho and self-adhesive. 

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